On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 7th in the assembly Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question, “It has been said in Dharmamrut that we are allowed to take dish consisting of sweets on the two days viz. the 12th and 15th day of a Hindu Month. What should we do of that?” Bapashri said, “A Saint should feed Shriji Maharaj whatever he gets according to His wish. Thereafter water should be added in that food and make it like castor seed oil and then that food should be taken only once remembering Maharaj. Nothing should be taken second time. Moreover, nothing should be stored. I do not prohibit you from taking meals and if going on a long journey tiffin has to be taken. We should offer food with faith to Shriji Maharaj and saints prepared with our own hands. If Shriji Maharaj and saints are offered food prepared with our own hands, Mahaprabhuji will be pleased but there will be no happiness by remaining idle. In case if the dishes are required to be prepared by a Brahmin, we should see that he is follower of Shriji Maharaj, he is pure in character and holy. Then only this food is to be eaten prepared by him otherwise not if he is not satsangi.”

Swami Balkrushnadasji asked, “What should we do if we have to eat meals prepared by a saint who does not follow vartman?” Bapashri replied, “If they are such, separate line should be made but should not eat food prepared by them.” || 10 ||