In Samvat year 1970, the wife Gangabai of Lalubhai of Karachi was ill and for two days she was speechless. Then all of a sudden she got up and spoke in Sindhi language that Maharaj was telling her to go. Lalubhai asked her where Maharaj was because he could not see Him. She said that He is in the aeroplane along with Bapasri and asking her to bathe immediately and get ready. Lalubhai told to his mother-in-law and Physician that Maharaj and Bapasri had come to fetch her and let them fetch and she should be bathed. Then Physician and his mother-in-law said that she had started talking and had become all right and if she was bathed illness will increase so, she should not be bathed. Lalubhai insisted that Maharaj and Bapasri had come to fetch her so should bathe her and let them fetch her but both of them did not obey. Then again she said that Bapasri was telling her to get ready soon there was only half an hour so she asked them to bathe her. Lalubhai asked his wife to pray to Maharaj and say that the clothes are holy so, she should be taken from there only. She prayed accordingly. Maharaj asked her to take permission from all and then only He would take her. She asked for pardon from all and said that she was going. She took the permission thus. So, Bapasri asked her to look at Mūrti. She joined her tendency constantly in Mūrti and went deep in happiness of Mūrti. Her relatives came to know much about the power of Maharaj and Bapasri by such darsan. || 65 ||