On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 15th, the katha of Vachanamrut was being read in the assembly. In the meanwhile a letter of Govabhai of Kunbhariya was received. In the letter he asked Bapashri to let him know when he was going to visit Kunbhariya so that he can arrange for sigram (a kind of covered bullock cart). Then Bapashri got Swami Ishwarcharandasji to write a letter to him, informing him that he and all saints and devotees would starts from here on Vad 7th so he should send his sigram on Vad 6th and katha should be arranged in the porch of temple because there is possibility of rain as Indra is very much eager for it.

Then the 17th Vachanamrut of Sarangpur was read. In it, it is said that even the eagle cannot know the limit of the sky. Then Bapashri said, “The example of the eagle is valid up to Mul-Akshar but this example is not valid for the three viz Ekantik, Param Ekantik and Anadi who are above Mul-Akshar. Among them Param Ekantik and Anadi are form of God and draw Ekantik in Murti. This is the talk of ultimate point and nothing remains to search for. Ekantik are above Akshar, Param Ekantiks are above them and Anadi are above them and Shriji Maharaj is above all of them. This is the ultimate goal which is received by us. Just as high tide draws away anything. Similarly, experience knowledge from Murti draws in to Murti-it is by God’s grace. “Bhavsagar no par na aave prabhu vina“. (Sea in the form of this world cannot be crossed without God’s grace), that opportunity has come today. Once Parvatbhai, Zinabhai, etc. satsangi were sitting in a village. Then Parvatbhai said that there is a smell of Maharaj and Muktas-no sooner did he say so than Maharaj and Muktas came. The smell comes from experience knowledge which takes to Murti. Then there is only Purushottam-there does not remain Akshar, etc., there is only causal Murti. ‘Saune vash karu re sauno karan hun bhagvan.‘ The luminescence of Brahmakoti, Akshakoti, is merged in luminescence of Maharaj.

Then Lalshankarbhai of Bhuj asked, “Are Mul-Akshar and Akshar one or separate?” Then Bapashri said, “Mul-Akshar and Akshar are the same and it has kotis. Their infinite kotis remain in rays of Akshardham. Akshardham is the support, omniscient, inspirer and controller of those kotis and that Akshardham is the luminescence of Shriji Maharaj. The greatness of the assembly is very much. Udhavaji bowed the tree, therefore the importance of this garden and trees which do darshan of these Muktas is beyond words. Ramjibhai used to embrace the tree of this garden and prayed that he would have to go to Upardal village but they were luckier than he because they would not be separated from Mukta. Moreover, he would even bow to young boy and would say that when they grow up they would perform Brahmayagna and would decide about the form of Shriji Maharaj but he would not be able to come at that time. So he was having the darshan now. These boys are not small because they always have your darshan whereas I come after six or twelvemonths and at that time I have your darshan for a month or two and get your association. Where as these boys and trees have always your darshan and associate with you, therefore, they are very fortunate. They have become form of Purushottam, because they have your darshan daily. What remains in it then? Such was Ramjibhai’s greatness. Therefore if the cause of all that is Purushottam is caught by someone, he will dip inside (dwell in Murti) and activity which is paroksha i.e. Akshars etc. incarnations are caught means remembers them he will come out (will fall from the path of goal). When in Vachanamrut they are called as Narad, sanak, etc., they should be taken as Muktas so that you will not be away from Murti and if they are understood as paroksha Narad, sanak, etc., you will come out means you will be away from Murti. Shriji Maharaj has told His greatness in the name of paroksha (other incarnations) for the benefit of insignificant and passionate jivas so that they can be taken to Akshardham. When we say RamKrishna Govind, we say it for Shriji Maharaj. But we call by paroksha name so that their worshipers may like it. Gardens which have been said in Akshardham are said of this world but not in the divine feeling. Therefore, Shriji Maharaj has given two different words viz parbhav (divine abode) and avarbhav (physical world)- they should be understood. The same Murti which is in Akshardham gives darshan in a human and idol form-if understood thus the goal will be achieved. After Murti is installed in the temple, we should not see whether the expression is better or not because pratima is the same Murti which in Akshardham. There is no difference even of a rom (porous) at all. If one finds difference, he is said to have envied. To day the master whom we have met is great and the achievement is also great, therefore we should begin to achieve goal. If we do not, we will be called faithless. What can be not done with the help of this body-everything can be done. If you obey our commands, you will be taken to the same abode from where we have come. We have come from Murti and you will be taken in Murti and if you do not obey commands, we have no concern with you. Thus blessings and curse were given and ended the talk. There was jay ghosh of Shahjanand Swami and said that this assembly be free from illusion. || 171 ||