On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 1st, the 51st Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that the one who behaves according to the commands of Satpurush (virtuous man), behaves in the form of soul authority. Then Bapashri said, “Commands do the work of soul authority means the obeyer of commands in the form of soul authority means he becomes the form of luminescence of Maharaj. Then only he has become worthy. Then great Muktas install Murti in him. I went alone leaving you behind so while climbing the ladder, the leg was twisted. Similarly, if you leave Maharaj and me, it will happen like this. Therefore, remember Maharaj by obeying His commands. But Randine gher mandi gai te aav bai hu jevi tu tha, means when Sadhva (woman whose husband alive) went to the house of a widow, she said, “Welcome lady, you also be like me.” We express our thoughts to him whom also thoughts occur; he would say that they are feelings of body and bound to occur-he talks in very ordinary sense. It is like “A Sadhva went to a Widow.” If we associate with the person of our equal category, it will not be beneficial because in their association, there will be no progress and those who are fault finders will criticize Satpurush (virtuous person) and they will poison our ears. Therefore we should recognise the bad company and keep distance from it and should not associate with them. Shriji Maharaj has said that there are persons like rahoo-ketu (planets) in satsang-we should not associate with them. When somebody comes to express his thoughts to Muktas, it should be said peacefully by remaining in pure satwa virtue so that his thoughts disappears but there should not be hatred or anger for him. If someone has violated commands, he should be told peacefully but not by getting angry with him because anger will damage self. The person choosing company should choose after examining and should associate with him who can destroy bad thoughts. We should enjoy of happiness of God through our five gyanindriya-five senses (viz touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight) and four antahkaran (mind, buddhi, chitta, ahankar). This means through the medium of these senses we should remember Shriji Maharaj and obey his commands. Wealth should be considered equal to excrement. It should be renounced like excrement. If one thinks for excrement then only he should think for wealth. The love for wealth should be proportion to the love for excrement. Just as excrement can not be hoarded. Similarly, wealth should not be hoarded. It should be renounced considering worse than even excrement. Can we not do without it? The renouncer gets food, clothes, everything from the householder. What else does he want? The renouncer becomes the debtor of the householder who gives him food, clothes, etc. So to repay the debt he should do rosary and he should do it for himself also-he should be very cautious otherwise he will have to take birth in the devotee’s house, will be imprisoned for nine months i.e. would have to remain in womb for nine months. The one who renounces both money and woman will be fulfilled by us. Both should be discarded from the conscience, then we will take in Shriji’s Murti and will make you happy. In the 10th Vachanamrut of Kariani Shriji Maharaj has said, “I should be known as doer of everything and should do penance with love- this is His dictum.” Since illusion has been discarded, it should not be allowed to enter. Animate illusion which is woman and inanimate which is wealth should not be thought of-how can it be kept with us or ask someone to keep it on our behalf? Thus, we should live accordingly but no change should be allowed. Then Bapashri said to Swami Ishwarcharandasji to make boundary means get all follow vartman and he would come to fetch them. After saying that Bapashri said, “If someone says that what you are doing here by spending on fares. Then show him these written talks and tell him that we do this and you also do the same. || 172 ||