On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 14th katha of Vachanamrut was being read in the assembly. In it there was reference about renunciation. Then Bapashri said, “Everything up to Prakruti is unreal and if it is considered as unreal, it is also renunciation, and everything from above Prakruti to Akshar is real and if it is also considered as unreal it is called renunciation. Moreover there are many kinds of knowledge but experience

Knowledge is real. To remain absorbed in Murti is called experience knowledge. ‘Rasbas hoi rahi rasiya sang, jyu misari pay mahi bhali’. One should dwell in Murti and should not come out. The one who dwells in Murti requires nothing -for him he has no mine or thine, neither saint nor householder. He does not require means of religion, knowledge, renunciation, etc. There is no any other memory except Murti, no resolution. There remains only Murti.

Then the 5th Vachanamrut of Loya was being read. In it, it is said that by controlling senses, consciences is controlled. Then Bapashri said, “Senses are like a male Buffaloes which are fed for twelve years and after making them very healthy, if one sleeps there with them, they will not allow to sleep peacefully”. There is everything in satsang but they should not be enjoyed and specially the sense of taste should be controlled. If there is much attachment for tasty food, he will break the boundary means he will give up norms and religion. Therefore one should ignore sense objects which are like dry bones. There are heaps of things in the court of the master but everything is not to be enjoyed. If we are aware of death, sense objects will be dislike. If someone says that you are going to die within five or ten days, how much fearful it would be. If such fear is there for sense objects, thoughts will not arise for them. All dishes (ahar) are impure but tasty food for which we have love is very much impure. Laxmirambhai talked in Muli about prohibiting ras (liking for teasty food). Thereafter no saint would prepare tasty food. Then he told them that tasty food should be prepared and offered to Thakorji but we should eat it adding water and without any taste. If you do as per this talk, the talk of yesterday will get support. We should fear inanimate illusion like we fear a serpent. If one keeps inanimate illusion even for a minute, it is a great sin which cannot be measured if one forgets Dharmamrut, Satsangijivan and does as he likes and that sin he keeps till the end of his life, how can it be measured? That sin will have no end. Therefore wealth (money) should not be kept by a saint or ask someone to keep it on behalf of him. If one sleeps with cobra, keeping it besides him, it would bite wherever it touches. So wealth should be feared like a cobra. We used to go on foot for pilgrimage but now it is not possible to walk. In samvat 1942, group (sangh) of six hundred persons went to Amdavad from here. On the way seven Parayan of Vachanamrut were done and reached Amdavad. Wherever we camped, we would light a lantern and do katha-varta. It is very trouble some in train because muslims and old women would touch and same is the case with steamer. To come to Kutch from Muli and Amdavad is not difficult- it is very near. So coming on foot is very beneficial. This much benefit is not there in journey by train there will not be blessings of satsang. We talk less but should be considered as much and norms of shankhya should be followed.

Then saint Muktajivandasji asked, “Dhotis which are given to saints are handed over to the store-keeper by saints and do not desire to keep anything but their names are written indicating how many dhotis every saint got and handed over to the store-keeper. Is it within the norms or not for saints who hand over dhotis?” Bapashri said, “If there is no desire to take anything and store-keeper writes name for the record only, it is within the norms. Saints, Parshad, Celibates, who keep their money or ask someone to keep on their behalf is equally sinful for them and if Parshad accepts charity money of Shri Thakorji, it is within the norms. Saying so, “Swami, this which you are writing if shown to somewhere, will make people beat us.” Then Swami said that he would not show it. Then Bapashri said, “Do show it, do show it. I am not worried if they beat me. Be cautious and kick the inanimate illusion (maya) and so will directly go to Akshadham. How dare can it come to us? If it comes this way we should go that way and vice versa means guru should discard disciple and disciple discard guru. How can it be allowed to come which we have left? We should be afraid of it and should not look at it. Illusion pleases the body but do not please Jiva, so inanimate and animate illusion should not be allowed to come near. By leaving it you will not be sad. On the contrary you will be happy. Swaminarayan is witness of it but Jiva is childish and try to catch a serpent and naked sword and if not allowed to do so he will become sad and if allowed to, he will die. Guru and disciple should discard each other but should not keep love. The one who keeps inanimate illusion should be discarded. Just as you have run away from this world by leaving home, field, farm, relatives. Similarly the disciple or guru who is affected by inanimate illusion should be left out should not be kept together. The king of Bhuj went to kill a leopard. He took many persons with him. The leopard was to be taken out from its den. They dug the den, put thorns on it. When it came out it was shot dead. Similarly guru-disciple should shoot each other, but should not remain together. Then Bapashri said that he will not refer this topic lest someone may be hurt.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Nobody will take it ill, please carry on.” Bapashri said, “The same type of food and drink is given to Sadguru and novice saint and siddhi (super natural power) are given in abundance and in future also they will be given. Siddhis are always there. Just as the river Sindhu and other rivers flow into the sea and on the way converts the sea water into potable water and this benefit is available to fifteen to thirty miles area. Similarly, illusion is in place of sea and saints are in the place of rivers and illusion should be pushed by squeezing it and path should be made. Moreover, just as river pushes back waters of sea and make the place fertile by spreading kanp (new sticky black mud) and there by heaps and heaps of food grain grows and people live on it. Similarly we should make way from illusion like rivers and make some devil Jivas free from illusion. Illusion (maya) is such that one cannot be free from its clutches. Where did it take to Ranchhod Mistry? Therefore so much stress is laid on the topic of illusion. That Mistry did much service and remained in association even then he could not be free from the clutches of illusion. Therefore, bad company should be avoided and part in the drama should be played fully. There is no happiness only in dressing (wearing of clothes related to the role to be ppayed). Just as the river Sindhu flows by breaking big mountains and trees and spreads kanp (sticky black mud) and abundance food grain and fruits grow on that land. Similarly, we also push away illusion and avoiding all faults ripen the fruits-means it is well and good if Maharaj’s Murti is realized by meditation. Maharaj wants agony of His devotees for Himself (Maharaj wants to transfer the agony of His devotees to Himself). Such is His mercy. If any devotee is poor, Maharaj makes him ripe . Some devotee used to come for darshan of Maharaj by prostrating all the way. Then Laduba, Jivuba, etc asked Maharaj why he had been kept poor. Maharaj said, he had been kept poor with some purpose. Then these women said, “You had forgotten”. Maharaj said, “No, I had not forgotten”. Again those women said, “No, Maharaj you have forgotten.” Then Maharaj said, “You gave him, it is my command.” Then women gave him as per Maharaj’s command so he became Nagarsheth. Then he kept villages and wanted to become sovereign and became king also. Then he became Indra, Brahma, Vairaj, Sankarshanadic, Mahattattwa and Pradhanpati. At last he wanted to marry Laxmiji by becoming Mulpurush. Then Maharaj said, “He wanted to marry Laxmiji. What should we do?” Then those women cursed him by saying, “Oh sinful! You will become devil.” Then he became devil and the women told Maharaj that He would be doing right such is the effect of longing. “Trushna tu badi bhai nakti, sab jivanki laj let.” The devotee had to become devil. Vanza Ramji of Mandvi lost twelve thousand Koris in business and now he is associating with saints. Velji Suthar of Bhuj was an officer. He made money by false means but at the time of death a good thought came to him and gave everything to Thakorji. So Muktas sent him to Akshardham. If you have got money it should be spent for Maharaj but should not be given to relatives. Then He will liberate. || 170 ||