On the day of Jeth Vad 6th, 13th Vachanamrt of Loya was being read in the assembly in the temple of Madhapar. Bapasri said, “Every one has to do according to what Maharaj said into it. Jiva is eager for activity so it will not be able to concentrate on cause (Maharaj). One may get tired by doing penance but if such thing is not understood by him, there will remain some defect in salvation. He has got the goal but if he enjoys it the work will be done. Here it means that if he joins Murti, he will get happiness.”

Devrajbhai asked, “Bapa! It is said in Vachanamrt that happiness of Murti comes properly in trance and after leaving the body. How to understand it? Bapasri said, “Constant memory is better than trance. Trance is of two kinds- sakam (bearing fruits) and niskam (fruitless). One who desires to know present, past and future and agam nigam (vedicliterature) is on the path of sakam. It will make him fall from satsang like Ravjibhai. Muktas like Anadi Mukta Sadguru Sri Gopalanand Swami and Sachchidanand Swami have no desire of anything excepting Murti and constantly dwell in Murti only- it is the path of Nishkam. They are known as realised ones. This jiva has very big covering of body. That body should be made invalid by knowledge, otherwise it will not allow the happiness to come. The body is inanimate even then it cheats jiva and also it is mischievous. It may be sitting here but would reach Rampur or Vrspur (here it means it goes by thoughts-mind), so it should be known as mortal and miserable and therefore should not behave in the form of body. One who gets the knowledge of Maharaj and great muktas will have constant memory and will not forget Murti. What to talk about God and His beloved muktas! What is the position of jiva! These are all Murtis of Brahma. The one who gets the happiness of Murti and understands greatness of muktas will become enjoyer. Therefore, Sankhya and yoga both should be perfected. If one gets the knowledge like the knowledge of Janak(Videfhi), means if sandalwood paste is applied on half side of the body and other half side is cut with a sword- both will be equal to him (it means his feelings will remain unchanged in both acts), because after reaching in the happiness of Murti one will have no expectation for anything.”

Lalshankerbhai asked, “Bapa! How should one make atmabuddhi (oneness as one has with his body) with muktas?” Bapasri replied, “It should be made as there is relationship with the body and its relatives. If this terrace falls now, all will run away- it is like this. We should worship Purusottam by bearing the form of Purusottam. Sriji Maharaj says that if one performs puja of God by becoming like God, his puja will be accepted by God.” Dhanjibhai prayed to Bapasri and said, “Bapa! I want to make atmabuddhi as I can do by intellect given by Satpurusa even then the greatness is not understood as it is and happiness does not come- for this purpose please show your grace.” Bapasri said, “It will be done by carrying on the means you are doing. Vachanamrts are like warship (manvar), they are the words from the mouth of Sriji, so nobody will be left out but jiva does not have such greatness. Therefore, it collects money but cannot do this. There is much happiness at our home. We met Maharaj and such muktas even then we are absorbed in worldly affairs- what kind of understanding it is! Bapasri wanted to get it confirmed from Ramjibhai.” Ramjibhai agreed with Bapasri. Once again Bapasri said, “Just see! We met such supreme Maharaj, such anadi mukta, such saints even then they are not recognised. What benefit they have! Sriji Maharaj has said that lila which has been done during various incarnation and at various places should be remembered, understand that incarnation is this one (Maharaj). Formerly such liberation has not taken place whereas today ultimate liberation of innumerable devotees is possible but there is ignorance in jiva so it cannot believe. These saints, devotees, all are Murtis of Brahma.

Devrajbhai asked, “Bapa! Brahma is said to be formless (nirakar)- how to understand it?” Bapasri said, “Give up feelings of the body and join Murti by becoming the form of luminescence of Murti which is above ksar and aksar, in the same way as the wind sticks in the sky. Look! How valuable gems are lying at our home. Fine! Fine! ‘Jane jiva, Isvar, mayana marmne re, rate Brahma thaine PariBrahmne re’ (the one who knows the mystery of jiva, Isvar, Maya, etc. will become Brahma and worship ParBrahm). By association thus, keeping tendency in Murti one will become the form of Purusottam. Bapasri asked Devjibhai whether such persons were there or not in this world.” Devrajbhai said that there were. Since Sriji Maharaj has shown mercy, everything is here. Talking thus about divine talks Bapasri made all devotees happy by his darsan and came to Vrspur after the katha was over.|| 151 ||