In Samvat year 1958, Bapubhai of Kanotar had came to associate with Bapasri. He received a letter from his father Boghabhai Patel asking him to come soon so, he started to go. Bapasri told him to go with him to have a bath at the farm and from there he could go. They went to the farm had a bath, performed mental worship and then he was told to go home. He told Bapasri how he would go alone. Bapasri told him to look at the hills in front. He looked at the hills and he saw Mūrti in the circle of luminescence. Seeing this Bapubhai requested Bapasri to favour him so that that he could have darsan in the same way. Bapasri said O.K. it will be seen like this. He had darsan till he reached the home. On the following year when he came for darsan, while returning he asked Bapasri how he could go alone? Bapasri asked him to look at the road and asked him whom he saw. He looked at the road and saw Bapasri. Bapasri told him this would appear all the way. He started and saw Bapasri in front at a distance till he reached home. Bapubhai ran fast to reach near Bapasri but the distance remained as it was and even if he walked slowly the distance was the same. This happened till he reached home. || 19 ||