On the morning of Fagan Sud 6th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked in the assembly. He said, “Saint is considered to be inauspicious in the activity of the material world, he would suffer the misery in the proportion in which he takes part in the aforesaid activity. Then he will shift the responsibility on Shriji Maharaj and would say it has happened because of Shriji Maharaj’s wish. What can Shriji Maharaj do in this matter? It happens because of his nature and tendency and some activities are also responsible for it, so it should not be shifted on Shriji Maharaj. Time and region become adverse because of Purush, if Shriji Maharaj is not there in the doers of religious activities of satsang, what good can they do? The doer of the activity is ‘Purush.’ If ‘Purush is good he will run it smoothly and if weak he will spoil it. We identify such persons and find out whether he will be able to do the work of satsang or not. Then Bapashri said the religion of saint is non-violence and celibacy therefore he should not speak such words which may hurt any Jiva. Your thoughts are responsible for Jiva’s benefit so also your wicked thoughts are responsible for the adverse effect. So you should show forgiveness and never allow wicked thoughts for others. Then Bapashri said that you have studied scriptures and so you can talk constantly whereas we cannot talk constantly; instead we talk in broken language, but we talk keeping God with us. Formerly other scriptures have saved (liberated) one and half, some two or some two and half that also they have not saved from Mulmaya. Today if one studies Vachanamrut and understand, it will get the power of liberating infinite Jivas. When you study Vachanamrut and sit on a dais for katha, you should understand that you are not on the dais but Shriji Maharaj is there on the dais and between Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas the session of question-answers which I hear is taking place. You should not look at anyone. Look only at the assembly of Shriji Maharaj and His Muktas. You should not think your self to be doer and think that I am doing katha, varta and making others to listen. You should think that Maharaj and Muktas speak through your medium but you are not speaking. If someone is doing your puja you should think that it is the worship of Maharaj and Muktas but not mine. The auspicious time has come because Maharaj and Muktas are giving us that which is as valuable as pearls which are formed when it rains in swati nakshtra. If their words are taken by heart you will be happy in the happiness of Murti. Shriji Maharaj speaks and dines through the saint, so we should serve Him like God and offer Him food, water, money, etc. One may say that there is lot of money in the satsang- where is the need that we should give? It is better that we give to a poor man. What difference does it make if it rains on the sea and if it does not, so what? If it rains in dry climate, it will benefit the food crop. Similarly if we give to the poor, they will be less miserable. If one thinks in this way let me say that if it rains in dry climate it will benefit only food crop but if it rains on sea, real pearls will be formed means if service of money or food is given in satsang it will lead to the benefit of forming real pearls in the form of ultimate liberation which is not there elsewhere. So whatever service that we do should be done in satsang only by knowing it divine. What kind of this saint is- in each saint Shriji Maharaj and infinite Muktas dwell, so if one saint is served, the fruit of it will be as much as serving Shriji Maharaj and infinite Muktas. || 160 ||