Once, saints of Amdavad and Muli and many devotees of Gujarat and Zalawaḍ were sitting in the Vrspur temple at nine o’clock in the night. A devotee from among them had a sankalpa that thousands of people stand before Bapasri with folded hands and great saints also associate with him so he must be a great person but if he showed some miracle, it would become certainty (proof). In the meanwhile there was light in the temple and in the compound and it was seen for a long time. There after there was sound for a long time and all were surprised by seeing it and asked Bapasri what it was! Bapasri said that someone wanted to see the miracle and it was shown for his satisfaction. On the next day saints and devotees went to Narayanpur. There Dhanjibhai said that when he was sitting on the terrace at night yesterday, a luminous aeroplane came from Vrspur and it stood high about four feet on my head. Sriji Maharaj, Bapasri, Swami Sri Aksarjivandasji, Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji and his father Jadavjibhai were sitting in it. As he extended his hand to touch it after having darsan, it flew away towards north. || 61 ||