When saints and devotees were sitting beside Bapasri in the afternoon, Isvarcharanadasji was talking. At that time, Soni Dalsukhbhai of village Kadi and Laksmichandbhai of village Morwad came and requested Bapasri to come to their houses to give darsan so that small or big children, elders, etc. would get darsan and some aspirants (mumuksus) may come under your eyes and become worthy of liberation. Then they said the same thing to Swami Vrndavandasji and Isvarcharanadasji etc. saints. So both Sadgurus told Bapasri that the devotees are having love and should be pleased. At that time Bapasri quoted a devotional song ‘Sant param hitkari, jagat me sant param hitkari’ (saints are well-wishers; in the world they are well-wishers). To please such saints I must go. Saying so Bapasri went to the house of both the devotees and gave darsan to the residents of devotees having love, residing in Sadar, gave oath of vartaman to some children and new Mumukshus. On the way whosoever came in his sight were made holy by only his glance. Then Bapasri came to the temple at the time of arati. After having darsan of Ṭhakorji, he came on the first floor of the temple and said thus, “Swami!” Now I feel limitation of body. I cannot bear even a small strain and getting tired. But knowing that Sriji Maharaj will be pleased by pleasing you, I am going. What to talk about the love of devotees! Today you told me to go to the house of Dalsukhbhai and Laksmichandbhai but others had the same eagerness. The streets were overcrowded and passing through it was difficult. All, young or old, stood with folded hands and requested me by saying Bapa! Here his house is, means to visit it, and would say that I had to climb only one storey -not very far- they would entreat and I had to oblige them. Pleasure of Maharaj on such faithful devotees was much so I please everyone but the old age shows its effect.” At that time, Amichandbhai prayed Bapasri that it became very late because he had been taken to the houses of devotees in Sadar. He further said that Bapasri would visit his house today so he was waiting. And in the morning, I had requested Swamisri but since you say you are tired, I cannot insist. If you do pity on me and come to my house, it will be well and good but if you are tired please come tomorrow for giving darsan. Bapasri asked him, “Where is your house, I must please God’s devotee like you who has understanding of greatness.” Amichandbhai said, “Bapa! Pointing to the window on the opposite side he said it is there.” At that time, Bapasri showed much pleasure and not caring for the tiredness he went to his house. There his brother, small and big children and neighbours residing nearby were very much pleased by having darsan. All the family members prayed to Bapasri and took the blessing of dwelling in the happiness of Murti. At that time, Bapasri said his brother had taken him to village Mathak and Sadgurus were also with him. He took saints and me round the whole village and he said that since he visited the village all will be liberated- such was his understanding of greatness. At that time, he had received the letter of his brother from village Mathak, which he gave us for reading. In the letter, it was said that when Bapasri visited their house, he should on his behalf request Bapasri to bless, so that they have divine feeling for Bapasri, never get human feeling for him and those jiva who gets new birth or dies should all be kept in the happiness of Murti, no devilish jiva take birth in their family and the family does not give up satsang. Moreover, if a daughter takes birth in the family and when she gets married, if that family does not have strength of satsang, that family and she should be blessed with the happiness of Murti by Maharaj and yourself- such was the content of the letter. Beautiful! Beautiful! How much love devotees have! The family also knew about the greatness and the family of his brother, his sons, young and grown up, all would prostrate before me and to get my pleasure would stand with folded hands. Maharaj has shown much pity in such region- such is a talk of greatness. Those who do not know such talk may be perplexed and if they have doubtful thoughts it is their look out, but I have to please only Maharaj and do not want anything else. Saying so, Bapasri came to the temple. ||72 ||