In the evening of Jeth Sud 2nd, Bapashri along with saints and devotees came to the farm. After having bath, they performed mental worship. Then all sat under jambun tree. Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “In Samvat 1951, I went to Gujarat. There in Dholaka Swami Vrundavandasji was the Mahant (head of the temple). I talked to him about the heavenly world (Akshardham) which went deep in his heart. He left the work of Mahant and then remained in tranquility (upsham). We should get attach to Purushottamnarayan’s Murti which is above kshar-akshar. Where can we get such opportunity? Then he said, “What is the meaning of?” -except Shriji Maharaj’s Murti, ‘sab jag jarat angara -the whole world is like fire- it is called Upashana (worship). Mulji and Krishnaji had such upashana. Everything else excepting Maharaj appeared to them like poison so they ran away from home and came to Gadhada. Maharaj began to send them back but they did not go back. Maharaj became averse to them but they did not take it ill and sat opposite bank of Ghela River. Since they did not leave Maharaj, Maharaj Himself called them and made them saints. If there is such understanding, it is called matured upashana. Then Bapashri asked Becharbhai if he had need of Murti. Becharbhai replied that he had no knowledge about Murti. Bapashri said that the knowledge would come automatically. The knowledge comes to him automatically if he has need of Murti. Then Bapashri gladly said that Maharaj would do good. Worship God sincerely, so that you can go to Akshardham directly. Constantly look at God’s Murti, until the water comes out from eyes. Look at it from the inner eyes. Then swami Ishwarcharandasji said that the life is lived by the support of Murti in adversity. Bapashri said that creation, maintenance, distribution, activity, pain of body is all lila. It has been said various lilas have been performed during different incarnation- the assembly of this saint is incarnation and the performance of this lila is lila. God’s Murti is recollected from this lila. He, who wants to go near Murti but does not want to put sincere effort and wants to carry on without sincere efforts, cannot achieve Murti. || 230 ||