In the afternoon of Vaishakh Vad 7th, Bapashri, showing his favour talked in assembly. He said, “Once upon a time Parvatbhai with the group was going to have the darshan of Shriji Maharaj at Junagadh. Parvatbhai with his supernatural power reached there walking high above ground and had the darshan of Maharaj. Thereafter the group including Mayaram Bhatt, Jethabhai, Kalyan Bhakta, Bhimbhai, etc. went there. Shriji Maharaj showed His body to them and said that there were many scratches on His body.” Devotees asked Maharaj, “What is the cause of so many scratches?” Shriji Maharaj replied, “You allowed Parvatbhai to come alone. He flew by remaining in My Murti. These scratches are the result of striking against thorns. Had you kept Parvatbhai with you there would not have been such misery for Me.” The devotees said, “Maharaj! Henceforth we are not going to leave Parvatbhai alone and will serve him.” Since then devotees used to do much service after knowing the greatness of Parvatbhai. Once Parvatbhai fell ill and devotees, knowing his greatness, looked after him. They received an invitation from some village inviting them on the day of Vasant Panchami to attend the function of installation of Murti. All were requested to grace the occasion. The devotees told Parvatbhai that they had received an invitation and whether they could go there. Parvatbhai said, “You may either attend Rajsi Yagna or Satvik Yagna. Do as you like.” He the said thus but devotees could not understand it, so they repeated the question twice or thrice but the reply was the same. They did not understand and went to the village from where they had the invitation. On that day Parvatbhai sent for all the people of the village and told them, “I am going to leave my body. So whosoever gets his darshan at this time would be taken by me to Akshardham at the time of their death.” Then all had darshan. Children, animals, birds, all were taken for Parvatbhai’s darshan. At that time Parvatbhai said, “I shall come to fetch all those jivas on whom I had my look.” Saying thus he left for Akshardham. On that occasion all were getting darshan of Shriji Maharaj along with innumerable planes and Muktas, by the grace of Parvatbhai. Such supernatural power is possessed by Anadi Muktas and you are fortunate enough to have such Muktas with you. Just as dinner can not be eaten without served by someone. Similarly talks of Maharaj can not be understood without the Muktas. Nobody can estimate the greatness of Maharaj and such Muktas, they have come by showing their mercy. After getting them if one feels that why Maharaj does not give him darshan, whether He is pleased with me or not, such doubts means he finds faults in Maharaj but he forgets that he remains idle and is unaware of his shortcomings. Great Muktas do not talk whether they are pleased with us or not is like finding fault in Muktas but he does not know the fault- whether he is worthy or not. This is atheism. We are lucky that we have got Maharaj and great Muktas who give us their offering, do lila, talk, ask questions, reply is given by them, meet us, give us garland, etc. He is very much pleased and great Muktas are introduced to us by His pleasure. This is not because of our efforts but since Muktas are pleased everything is being achieved.” || 11 ||