In Samvat year 1944, Anadi Muktaraj Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami was in Muli for chaturmas (four religious months). There Bapasri and Kunvarji Patel, etc. many devotees had come. Once at three o’clock in the afternoon Swamisri and Bapasri were talking about the greatness of Sriji Maharaj at the place where Swamisri used to bathe. At that time Purani Sri Krsnadasji and Thakor Modji Darbar of Malia were sitting near by. At that time Swami Nirgundasji asked Bapasri if there was anyone now who can put the jiva in the happiness of Murti sitting here. Bapasri said that there was. The one who is renunciate was sitting beside me (Bapasri) and in the householder the one was who was sitting near you (Swami). Thus Bapasri showed divine feeling mysteriously. || 2 ||