In the night assembly 10th Vachanamrt of Loya was being read. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! In this Vachanamrt it is said that Parmatma who is the soul of Sarvatma Brahma and soul of Aksar- who is he?” Bapasri said, “At this place Anadi muktas should be known as Sarvatma Brahma and Aksar should be known as Aksardham of form of luminosity of Murti. Mukta should be known as param ekantik and Maharaj is the soul of all, means He Himself is the support and donor of happiness- understand thus. This is the meaning of divine perspective (parbhav).”

Then Swami said, “One sees luminous Murti in soul and the other cannot be made unsteady from his determination by jivas and Gods of infinite cosmoses. With such divine feeling when God treads on this earth in the human form and knows that Murti as divine. Should those both be known equal?” Bapasri said, “If he has thorough knowledge, both are equal; but if he has not thorough knowledge, he will come in contact with bad company, will get shock, so he will have to leave Maharaj and go away from Him. One should not have love for relatives or caste of this world. Get attached only to Murti. Without doing that means, there is no end. This can be understood in association with such muktas provided he sticks in satsang. To join in the whole form of Maharaj by constant vrtti- this is very difficult. Today Maharaj Himself is seated in satsang. One should associate with those whom He has met. One should do the activities like katha-varta, dining, etc. but should not become prey of wealth and never get separated from Sriji Maharaj. Today great muktas are revelling in Murti. You have got this opportunity and time. The preacher is good. Nobody can get such preacher. You will become such, as you know Maharaj and mukta. Do not depend only on means. Be careful so that your vrtti (tendency) is not drawn in taste and on the path of sensual objects. The vrtti of muktas is never elsewhere excepting Sriji Maharaj. But ignorant and passionate jiva does not know such muktas so he has feeling for them as he has feeling for himself. We should always keep divine feeling for great muktas. Everything is false up to Aksar. By knowing it as false if he gets experiential knowledge of Murti, he can see luminescence emitting like jet from a Murti itself and will take him to Murti. Today great Anadis have come to fetch jiva. If one gets their darsan, if their sight falls on him or if the wind touching them touches him, he will be benefited.”

Then Bapasri said, “The one having matured determination gets siddhis (supernatural powers)- who is that having matured determination? He is not the one who is in charge of store, kitchen, or mahantai. Whenever Swami Nirgundasji came, he would bring with him carts of cube sugar and dhotis, which he would give away in store and would distribute them among the group of saints. Nowadays many fill their boxes and are tempted by wealth. Wealth and woman should be prohibited- can any one drink poison? Wealth and women are like poison. They should not be allowed to catch hold of us, not at all. We should not even throw a glance at them. Do not gather rags. Here gathering rags means the one who does not behave according to command and gathers rags. Rags would not come with us. Devotees give meals (rasoi) of malpuva, biranj, (both are sweet dishes made from wheat flour and rice) and mangoes. These siddhis are got by the one having matured determination, he should not be tempted by it. Do not keep childish nature and do not behave like that. Do not come out of Murti and never go after wealth. It has defamed many great persons. Those who associate by knowing greatness will be happy. Snake-charmers are not bitten by snakes. Similarly, those who are devoted will not be tempted by wealth and woman. I am saying this because I consider you as my own people. The householder does everything for relatives even though he knows that everything is illusive. My relative is this saint; no one else. The one who dwells in Murti in all three states must be knowing it.”

Then Bapasri said, “The talk of one who violates commands is vachyartha (in theory). He will corrupt intellect of the listener and he makes big show. But those who speak dwelling in Murti will speak softly but would not boast. By their talk one gets peace.” While talking thus looking at Hirabhai and Sanwaldasbhai, Bapasri said, “You did very good brahmayajna. You brought very good orator for the purpose of parayana of Vachanamrt Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika. Both Sadgurus are enjoyers of happiness of Murti. When they start reading of Vachanamrt fountain of happiness emits and the words become so effective that they become Murti itself. This is real scripture, Maharaj Himself, presence of saints, assembly of Aksardham and salvation is also there.” Then Bapasri told Swami Vrndavandasji and Isvarcharanadasji that they showed their capacity very much. Saying so Bapasri showed his pleasure. || 45 ||