On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 7th Jethabhai of Saraspur asked, “What should he who wishes to please Maharaj and Muktas but does not know how to do it do?” Then Bapashri replied, “If he does after asking Muktas, they will be very much pleased. They will also be pleased if he does a little service of Muktas by behaving according to their desire. If he does not remain so and does much service, even then they will not be pleased. The nature of jiva is such that it does not allow us to behave according to desire of Muktas. Jiva is so crooked that it gets its work done by Maharaj and Muktas according to its desire. Swami Achyutdasji and a group started walking from Chandrayani at midnight. On the way they slept and started walking after getting up. While returning, Swami asked whether they would reach the same village from where they had started. Even then they did not believe because of mistake in direction. When they reached Chandrayani in the morning, they prayed to Swami and said that they made him walk six to eight miles. Swami said, “We all had to walk.” Muktas are so straightforward and jiva does what he wants to do. Muktas want to plant virtues but jiva does not take them. We should refrain from getting our work done from preceptor or Muktas. Because we do not know how it will happen. When Shri Gopalanand Swami started from one village to another, he told to his disciples to cover the books but they did not obey because there were no clouds. Then it rained on the way and books became wet. On another occasion Swami said that it was day at that time but the disciples said that it was night. For Muktas there is neither day nor night because they are always in Murti. There is no harm even if they eat without bath. Just as we sleep during day but after getting up we dine without taking bath. Similarly Muktas do not have night at all so we should not find fault in Muktas’ activities. When there is difference in panch vartman, it should be taken as fault.” || 12 ||