On the noon of Vaishakh Vad 8th Bapashri, showing his favour talked. He said, “A shepherd came across a diamond and tied it round the neck of a goat. In case had he sold it, he would have got only a little quantity of edible oil. If the one who knows the value of it and put it in golden vessel, and if the rays of moon fall on it, will get so much gold which will be as much as covering the whole universe. Therefore, we should become worthy like the golden vessel. We have got such greatness by the grace of Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas that nothing has any value upto Akshardham. The real thing is that we got Shriji Maharaj and the great Anadi Mukta. As a result big abodes like Brahmkoti and above that Mul-Aksharkoti also became false. Though they may be in this assembly they will not be able to know the greatness of Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas. Some believe in murtiman (personified) Mul-Akshar, some believe in luminous Akshardham of Shriji Maharaj which is above Mul-Akshar, some believe in Param Ekantik who are above it and some believe in Anadi Muktas who are above it. To bind our mind with such Anadi Muktas is the best. They have hidden their supernatural power. In case they show it we will not be able to bear it. In Vadodara scholars of Sanskrut asked a question to Shriji Maharaj, “What kind of supernatural power is there in Your great saints?” Then Shriji Maharaj asked Brahmanand Swami to give glimpse of his power. Then Brahmanand Swami, with his supernatural power, brought golden cradle. Then he hung the moon and the sun on the two ends of the cradle and in the middle of cradle he hung the cluster of stars and began to play with it. After showing such power he said, “When I was six months old lying in the cradle I would stretch my hand and bring the sun, the moon and stars and tie them with the cradle. I showed you the same lila. There is no end to the power which I have today.”

“This kind of power you also have. It is impossible to assess this assembly. It is limitless. If this bliss goes deep in heart, one will go mad. If one has not known the importance of the talk going on in this assembly will not be able to take it deep in the heart. If the power is shown as it is, for the time being importance will be known and again it will be forgotten. Shriji Maharaj has said that we have not known our ability and our self. Maharaj held an assembly of Akshardham and swore but could not be believed. This assembly is the same but not any other. If that greatness is understood, there will be bliss but if you sit putting on mask, there will not be bliss in that mask. What is that mask? The mask is kanthi (a necklace of wooden beads), applying tilak on forehead, etc. all made a show of satsangi, worn saffron clothes and made show of a saint but until there are characteristics of satsangi or saint it is called wearing mask. Therefore, ordinary satsang of wearing kanthi and tilak should be avoided. Shriji Maharaj should be placed in the soul, and then only it should be known as doing satsang. Who will allow to sit in this assembly? It is great luck that makes you sit. This assembly is of that kind. Shriji Maharaj has said that voice of His and saint means Mukta is one and one group. Therefore, a group should be formed and there should be one taste. When someone talks about the greatness of Maharaj, we should not behave crookedly. When bullocks go unevenly on the path, the nail and its part will break and fall on the ground. Therefore, instead of behaving thus, one group should be formed and speak with one voice. Opinion should not be different. There is happiness in one voice. Support of Shriji Maharaj is available in it. Therefore, we should know that Shriji Maharaj is there in all and we should speak in one voice by believing it true the talk of saint who explains the greatness of Muktas and Maharaj. There should be softness in speech so that all are pleased. There should be one group and only Maharaj should be kept so Shriji Maharaj will be pleased. How can we be of His if Shriji Maharaj’s talk is not relied on? Certainly we can not be of His. We should not believe the talks of others excepting talks of Mahaprabhuji. Whatever has been said in Vachanamrut should be taken as true. We should not take the quotation of great Muktas. Quotation of Vachanamrut should be given elsewhere but other quotation should not be quoted in Vachanamrut. It is very big thing. New words come out from it. Saying ‘Swaminarayan’ is all right if it is said by knowing Him as He is. Moreover, a saint should be called a saint if he is worthy of that address. Saint should also be recognized but one should not do ‘athe dwarka‘ (here is the destination, i.e., every one should not be taken as a saint). We should find out such saint who is absorbed in Mahaprabhuji’s Murti and we should also be absorbed in it, then only happiness will come otherwise happiness will never come. That happiness also prevails in the Satsang through Anadi Muktas. In the same way just as rain pleases the souls of four directions (jivas of four species- swedaj, andaj, jarayuj, udbhij). The servers of kitchen are Anadi Muktas and Param Ekantik Muktas who give bliss of Shriji Maharaj to souls. How? Through their speech and talks and through their glance and by their thoughts and by eatables offered to God and by meeting. Thus they make us blissful. Just as kapila chhath comes after twelve years in this world. People eagerly wait for it. Similarly, kapila chhath has come for you this time. Great festival has come and we should eagerly wait for it. Nectar of Shriji Maharaj rains from this mouth. So there is bliss and if there is eagerness, we will be very much happy. This assembly is like the assembly of saint and house holders organised by Shriji Maharaj according to the 48th chapter of Bhakta Chintamani. It is even above Akshardham so it is the assembly of Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti. Shriji Maharaj has called Shri Gopalanand Swami as above the assembly of Akshardham according to the 21st Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada.” || 15 ||