On the day of Vaishakh Sud 13th Bapashri showing his favour and talked. He said, “Formerly saints used to eat flour added with water, but would not shake body even if bitten by insect bearing such difficulties they would make people join satsang. Where as today he would renounce the world and would determine that he would meditate only Murti and would do nothing else. Then he would forget and gets affected by the attributes of Raj and Tam. Formerly great saints were remaining engrossed in Murti. Luminescence would emit from Murti. They were blissful in the bliss of Maharaj’s Murti, which is cool, peaceful, happy and joyful. We should have inclination for it. Today we depend on means but means are useful up to Akshar even then one remains unfulfilled. Then he told saint, “You should prove that you were in our satsang but do not bring disrepute to satsang. Obey commands properly. If one leaves, this satang, I feel sorry for him and think that he will remain unfulfilled. We should not separate our selves from the Maharaj’s Murti while doing the work of worldly affairs. If he separates, he will not get success in satsang, always keep eye on death. Brahmchari Nirgunanandji was ill and I went to him and told him to start the journey for home. Home is Akshardham and dwell in Murti is the dwelling place in the home- then he left body. He may be in Murti and if anything goes wrong with the body, he should show no concern for it. Why should we worry for happiness or unhappiness of the body? The one gets attached to Murti and his vruti becomes steady in it, he will not be disturbed by any thing. By and by when he reaches such stage, he will get experience with knowledge. The gist of whole knowledge is the knowledge of Purushottamnarayan Himself- it is experience knowledge. This has to be done by all- householder as well renouncer. This Kali has come factual in which we have to establish satsang and should see that there is always joy which should be unlimited. Jiva has to do means of pleasing God. Efforts are must. This means one should have full trust in words of Maharaj and Muktas whatever they say, should be accepted blindly (with full faith). Shree Gopalanand Swami asked his saint at midnight whether it was night or day. Saints reply that if he said it was night, it was night and if he said it was day, it was day. Therefore, one should not wish that Muktas should do according to one’s liking. Close your eyes and it is dark, open them and it is light- it requires only this much time. Paroksha scriptures have come from Vairaj, we are not concern with it. We want Swaminarayan. He is ‘Aaj’ who is Anadi- birthless and never gets tempted by illusion (maya).such Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti draw mumukshu (desirous for salvation). This is their grace. Even a small gesture means surrendering mind to Maharaj and Muktas but everything should not be get done by Maharaj and Muktas. Muktas are always there, where you want them but that much trust is lacking. You have come in this Naimisharanya kshetrya so shortcomings will be done away with, whatever you sow here will grow, even you commit guilt, it will grow. If you surrender your body, you will be happy in the happiness of Murti. There are attributes of Raj and Tam in Paroksha activities- their examples are Pandawas’ war, Hiranyakashyapu’s war, etc. but here in this Naimisharanya kshetrya nothing like it. This is the divine assembly. In this assembly if someone knows God and Muktas as Human beings, he will find faults in them. Thus, he collects sins. Jiva, by fascination finds joy in body, which is made of meat and bones. What kind of joy does he believe in it? || 215 ||