In the morning of Kartak Sud 7th , Bapasri was sitting in the temple of Vrspur in the square under the light of the sun. At that time Purani KesavpriyadasjiSwami was reading the letter written by a saint of village Karjisan on Swami. Bapasri asked Purani, “Where is the letter from?” Purani said, “Bapa! It is from saint of village Karjisan. He and devotees of that place have conveyed Jay Swaminarayana.” Then Bapasri asked, “Purani, which village Karjisan as if he was stranger.” Purani Kesavpriyadasji said, “Bapa! Sriji Maharaj has done many lila in Gujarat in village Karjisan and at the place of Govindbhai and Jatanba of Ḍangarva. You had also gone there. All have become happy by your darsan– it is thus written in the letter. Then Bapasri said, “Yes! Now I recollect. After the yajna of Muli I went to Karachi. At that time Swami Vrndavandasji was at village Karjisan. He used to write letter from there in which he asked me to go there definitely. When I returned from Karachi, since Swami came to know about my returning to my native place, I sent a telegram and all had come to railway station to welcome me. But I had not stayed at that time, I had gone directly to Amdavad. There Swami Vrndavandasji, etc. saint with five-six devotees had come. They showed much love and took me with them. Somabhai, Harjivandas, Narayandas, Bhaichand, Mohanbhai, Isvarbhai, etc. devotees brought carts at Ḍangarva and took me to village Karjisan. There charanarvind of Maharaj was installed with grand ceremony. There I offered meals to Ṭhakorji so all became very joyous. Then I went to Govindbhai’s maddh via Mathurbhai’s house and from there Somabhai and Manibhai, etc. many devotees took me to their houses.” Purani Kesavpriyadasji said, “Bapa! In this letter it is written that you had fulfilled wishes of a devotee.” Bapasri said, “What is it?” Purani said, “In this letter devotee write to convey their Jay Swaminarayana with prostration and they have requested and reminded you that a devotee had asked for a son and you had said that you give only Murti. To have a son is all according to the wish of Sriji Maharaj. That devotee again prayed so you said, I will be pleased if your sankalpa is fulfilled by Maharaj by my word.” Maharaj has fulfilled that devotee’s desire. With that reminder, he has conveyed to you Jay Swaminarayana. Bapasri said, “Look! What kind of eagerness have, they for this worldly things? If they have such love for Murti, there will not be any obstacle. In present time Maharaj has left no stone unturned in giving happiness of any kind. Great saints and devotees of certain states remain lost in happiness of Murti. Those who have not achieved the final state believe happiness in such worldly objects, even then the one who takes birth in satsang is very fortunate because this satsang is divine, as attachment with Maharaj and great muktas is soon available here.” Saying so, Bapasri came home to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. || 112 ||