In Vrspur a Khoja gentleman was suffering from incurable disease. Doctors and Vaidyas could not cure him. His father brought him by carrying him in a small cot to Bapasri and prayed that he was his only son and requested to cure him. Bapasri told him that if his son ate three fourth lbs vegetable of valol he would be cured completely but if he ate some out of it the disease will be cured a little. The son ate everything and was cured and went home on foot, and he developed much love for Bapasri. Bapasri organised a yajna in Samvat year 1971, that Khoja gentleman had given his new storeyed buildings for devotees’ lodging. In those building big officers of Bhuj were lodged. They asked that Kanabi belonged to the Bapasri’s caste whereas he was a Muslim and he had given his new houses to be used in yajna for the devotees-what was the reason? He replied that leaving aside the question of his building, if he offered everything of his, it was not enough because he was on the verge of death but Bapasri saved his life by making him eat vegetable of valol- how could he forget that great obligation. Hearing this Girjashankarbhai, etc. developed love for Bapasri considering him to be mukta. || 67 ||