Bapasri came to the assembly after finishing his morning routine, said Jay Swaminarayana to all and sat in the meditation position and continued to sit like that till the katha of Vachanamrt was over. Then Bapasri asked Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji and Swami Ghansyamjivandasji, etc. saints, “Was it not good that I called you back?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said that he has shown much mercy. Bapasri said, “Swami! This time I did not like of your going away from here. I had been to Rampur for one night but it seemed blank without this assembly. I want such assembly constantly. You should also take this benefit. I keep all in the causal Murti. Here some know me that I belong to their caste, such would not know about this talk. Some among you have come here to take the happiness of Murti and show much love but if someone says some words in other way, doubting thoughts of different type would begin. Such do not get happiness in this association. But one who has divine feeling becomes fulfilled in the association of this assembly. Maharaj gives happiness to all. The extrovert does not know this thing. Today there are shower of nectar so they all take bath remaining engrossed in happiness. If it is understood thus nothing remains unfulfilled. The sins of many births of one’s who comes in such Brahmsabha are burnt. To say anything about Maharaj’s Anadi is something which is beyond words. Without having knowledge of such talk, some get example-principle from others and if I tell them or explain to them they will not believe, moreover do not understand, whereas on the other hand those who are like you in faith get their work done. When the good deeds of many past births come into force, such muktas are recognised by him. Those who do not know Sriji Maharaj and great muktas are like khijada tree and those who have faith for this divine assembly are like the mango tree. It has been said thus by Anadi Mukta Gunatitanand Swami, the khijada tree bears the fruits of sangaryo which are of no use. If there is no love for Maharaj or great muktas, how can one be liberated?” Thus Bapasri used to talk much about the greatness of Maharaj during the morning, evening katha time.

One afternoon Bapasri along with all saints and devotees had gone for bath at the farm (vadi). Mental worship was performed after having bath. Then Bapasri said, “Swami! I live in such rocky place but I am happy in the happiness of Murti. I have kept nothing else excepting Murti. My only resolution is to give Murti. This time it was my intention to perform yajna by calling all and it was fulfilled. You were also kept for long time. It was my desire to keep all saints this time. I was thinking that mangoes on this tree are small and as soon as the month of Ashadh sets they will become ripe. If saints stay willingly till then I wanted to offer raspuri meals to Ṭhakorji and saints because this type of opportunity cannot come often. It is very difficult to meet saints like you. Inwardly we are always together but when can we meet in person like this! This time Maharaj gave much happiness in satsang. Similarly, because of association of such Anadi, many became enjoyers of Murti. Status of dwelling in Murti may have been attained by meditation but the talk of such association is rare. The work which is being done in this assembly at this time would not have been done even after doing means for lacs of years. Those who have attained state of dwelling in Murti themselves remain happy but they cannot make innumerable jivas reach in the happiness of Murti. This has become possible because of Sriji Maharaj’s sankalpa and that benefit we have got- what a big luck! If you willingly stay, jnanyajna can be performed. Do not think of anything else for staying here because there is no lack of anything in my house. My sons grow millet and we all together offer it to Ṭhakorji and dine and we talk about the happiness of Murti. This time I do not wish at all to permit you to go. Now all of you come together and decide. If you want to go, it is up to you or if you stay, will go together Bhuj, Madhapar and perform brahmayajna. It will be good if you stay during this visit. I will definitely make you free in the month of Ashadh. Wherever you go, you have only one work to do. Moreover, it is my sankalpa that if I can stay with saint like you for two months it be well and good. If you stay it will be all right and if there is any intention to go, go happily.” Saying so, Bapasri came to the temple. At night when katha-varta was over Bapasri went to bed and saints were discussing about Bapasri’s proposal whether to stay or to go but no decision had taken place. Then all saints went to bed. || 147 ||