At night on the 5th day of Vaishakh Vad Swami Vrundavandasji and Swami Ishwarcharandasji said to Bapashri, “We have been invited through an invitation card by you; so give us blessing.” Bapashri said, “Great Muktas feed followers attached to them the same food (here food means bliss of Murti) which they eat. Therefore, soul must have need and should show eagerness and spread their hands to receive it from great Muktas and become needy. They should become worthy of Muktas and trust them then only great Muktas will make them as they are. In today’s Satsang both things -goal (karan) and means (karya) – are there. These means are meant for seekers (a novice practising means) because they strengthen their efforts (karya). Ekantik has to achieve goal (karan) by getting attached to Muktas and realizing Murti which is his goal. If knowingly or unknowingly he is attached to Maharaj or Muktas, this will be fulfilled. Just as life span decreases because of irreligion, similarly by grace of great Muktas life span can be decreased as well. Just as after completing education one starts getting salary similarly knowledge of brahmvidya (spiritual knowledge) can be had by the grace of great Muktas. If one gets hold of words of great Muktas by remaining alert and acts accordingly, the state of emancipation can be achieved early. Then great Muktas puts him in the bliss of Mahaprabhuji. Bapubhai of Kanotar and Kashirambhai of Lunawada became emancipated by the grace of great Muktas and Muktas immediately put them in the bliss of Maharaj from this world; similarly life span decreases. And such Muktas are kept without life span if it is necessary for liberation of other souls. If there is any irreligious person in the satsang, his life span is also decreased. Shriji Maharaj speaks, eats, sees through the medium of Muktas- all activities are done by Maharaj Himself. Muktas always dwell in the bliss of Murti and never see anything else except bliss. Therefore, those who are attached should know that Shriji Maharaj gives happiness in the Satsang through the medium of Muktas and preaches through Muktas. Thus, one should know that all these words are of Shri Hariji and grasp them with trust. Muktas explain greatness of God more than that has been explained in the scriptures. It should be taken as true but should not refer the scriptures. If words of someone are such that they make saints disobey vartman, they should eschew him taking him as passionate and hypocrite. If they do not eschew him, the soul will be spoiled; therefore he should be eschewed. Muktas are always independent and obey words of Shriji Maharaj thoroughly and make those who are attached to them obey thoroughly and such Muktas tell about the greatness of Shriji Maharaj and Muktas by taking pity, it should be taken as true. We should have the faith that such Muktas will make us fulfilled. One should feel that Shriji Maharaj Himself speaks through the medium of Muktas. Such feeling should be there for these Muktas and get attached to them sincerely. This is the fruit of association. Then only there will be the realization of Mahaprabhuji and His bliss, which are the real things. The bliss of Maharaj which is got through the medium of Muktas now is given by great Muktas within a minute, provided there is full faith. Such is the power of great Muktas! Therefore, this satsang should be completed till we are here. Otherwise everything will go away and will have to repent once there is no existence of great Muktas. Bapashri was in grief for three days when Anadi Mahamukta Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami left for Aakshardham. Muktas are always there because they are immortal -do not get birth or death; but in the form of body they speak, laugh, eat, accept service, give happiness with their talks, and they become invisible from this physical body which gives darshan to devotees. Then all the happiness will go away. Therefore, this opportunity should not be lost. Our communion is there from, the previous birth so this invaluable talks have been got. These talks are of immense value. It is very difficult to understand them. To understand the principle of great Muktas means understanding greatness of Mahaprabhuji. To have the darshan of this Mukta great incarnations come. These talks are to be taken by heart. They who take this talk by heart get bliss of Murti. If these talks are taken by heart, my (Bapashri’s) efforts will be successful, and you will be fulfilled. I will do as much as I can. All will be fulfilled. All will get equal bliss. Just as unripe mango is ripened in grass of wheat. Similarly those who are not matured this time in the Satsang will be fulfilled by me. Therefore do not ask for outwardly, ask for with sincerity. Great Muktas will feed all equally. But just as if rich man’s children eat much sugar, cube-sugar, ghee, etc., they will suffer from indigestion. Similarly if you do not trust these talks, you will suffer from indigestion and these talks will be useless for you and if you trust them I will take you with me and make you blissful. When passionate, and the wretched will be given this bliss during this time, then where is the doubt if seekers are taken? This yagna is like the yagna performed by Parvatbhai at the time when he left for heavenly abode. This time whosoever listened to these talks will all be taken into Murti. Those who keep this talk in heart, are not affected by maya, and become intoxicated. What remains to be done for those whose care-takers are Maharaj and Muktas? Obviously nothing. When the bliss comes, it will be like a miracle and will surprise us. The bliss of darshan and the bliss of service of Lord Purushottam Himself and Muktas are divine! This bliss of cosmos can not be compared with the bliss got by infinite means like jap, tap, vrat, donation, worship, yoga, sankhya, yagna, etc. Moreover, the bliss got by means can not be compared with the bliss given by Muktas themselves. You are fortunate enough to get the association of such Anadi Muktas who are like Purushottam Himself and you are being all treated as their own persons. You have also become mine by showing eagerness in obeying my principles and doing efforts day and night so there is no limit to your fate and happiness. Such benefit you have got today.

“Just as you have faith in me here, similarly Maharaj has also faith in me and when I consented, Kashirambhai was taken to Akshardham. Dhruvanand Swami was kept for two days by the grace of Maharaj due to my request. I shall get you all happiness of Maharaj. If this happiness is recognized through knowledge, the whole world will become useless. When that happiness comes through realization, every thing is forgotten except the happiness of Murti. I give this blessing to you all young or old and having faith and love. This is truth, but good persons do not give up goodness and wicked persons do not give up wickedness. This is the nature of soul. So there is distrust but I have to do the good of everyone so do not reason. If I am telling a lie I will commit a sin and if you trust, you will get as much as you wish. He who has full faith and self-knowledge will be given as much as I have. All saints, please have mercy on me and believe these talks as true. One word of scripture is turned into innumerable words by Muktas because they see it and say it after seeing it. But mumukshus do not even know the meaning of the word so how can they give other words? Therefore, do not rely much on scriptures but concentrate on talks and take it in heart. Maharaj had said that there is no other assembly in any abode like this assembly. This is the assembly of Lord Purushottam. This Muktas are servant before Lord Purushottam. Therefore, if you reason, you will be deprived of good deeds of previous birth. In the 18th Vachanamrut of Loya this has been affirmed strongly. Therefore, do not reason. If one firmly decides that he has met this Muktas, this talk will go deeply in the heart. The words of Vachanamrut can be used wherever necessary but always keep Murti, Akshardham and Muktas together. Maharaj and Muktas will fulfil. When the realized devotee goes to Akshardham, infinite Muktas will see him that he has come to Akshardham. Formerly those who have attached to Muktas and did service to them and in case they have not understood, will get understanding from Maharaj and Muktas. If he thinks , that when Muktas talked he could not understand because he was immatured. Thinking thus if he listens to with faith, it will be understood just today.” Bapashri told thus to saint Narayandasji. Bapashri continuing said, “When there was an opening ceremony of assembly hall in Bhuj, Brahmins objected by saying that women will not sit outside the temple but will dine with them in the temple. Then I told Swami Nirgundasji that if such persons were not fed, what would happen?” Swamishri said, “They are fed so that people do not criticize but if Laxminarayanbhai of Mandvi is fed even a small quantity of food, then it would be be more valuable than feeding Brahmins of infinite cosmoses.” In presence of great Mukta the devotee gets bliss in their association provided he does not keep his ego and will be happy. Just as ornaments borrowed from others can not be considered as ours. Similarly if we have many virtues, these should not be believed to be ours. Then there will be much happiness. All virtues belong to Maharaj so we should not become master of them. These talks are unusual and can not be available at every place or at every house.

“Just as rain falls all of a sudden similarly this talks are given on rare occasion. Muktas enjoy this bliss. Similarly you all enjoy this bliss.” Bapashri blessed in that way and continued, “There is no loss in this path. This great Mukta has been acknowledged by many elderly Muktas; so do not distrust them. These words are spoken by Shriji Maharaj Himself through my medium therefore it should be known that Maharaj speaks. This is the great benefit. This Mukta do the same work as is done by Maharaj; therefore Muktas take souls in the bliss of Maharaj just as Maharaj takes us in His bliss. Such work is done but creation of infinite cosmoses or to give the fruit of one’s deeds is not done by them, because it bears fruit, therefore they do not do it. One should ask for bliss of Murti from Muktas; it should be asked for because it does not bear fruit. To have the power of reading some one’s mind, to have the power so that one’s wish becomes true, to have the power of knowing the present and future, to have the power to see Brahmpur, Golok, etc or to have divinity and to wish to achieve them- they are all called bearing fruit therefore they should not be wished. The givers of that bliss are here in this assembly. Do not reason. If I am telling a lie, it will be a sin for me but those who trust will get the equal bliss this time. The man serving meals will give the same dish to all those sitting in the line and also give abundantly but those who are eating can eat according to their capacity. Therefore, one can grasp according to his faith. For example, if some one is sick, he would not eat and may vomit so it can not be believed as true talk and it should be taken as it was not eaten and if faults are found it means vomiting. If these talks are believed to be true and taken by heart, all the words will become true. If this talk as told, is not taken by heart, will not become true. If one does not trust it and reason it, he will lose all his previous good deeds. I want to give equal happiness to all -young or old- in the present time. Because of these talks there always be bliss of Murti and will be engrossed in Murti. Just as ghee freezes in the pot. We should see that the activity of the body is done as per the wish of Maharaj and soul should always dwell in Murti. All other things like honour, acquaintance, publicity, means, service, devotion, etc. should all be given up and only Murti should be realized so everything is being fulfilled. These talks and the present time is such that one’s work which can not be done even after six months of association can presently be done in a moment. The one having real trust will feel that he is much benefited and I also feel that I have given much happiness. On the other hand, if the one having no trust remains together for six months will feel that he has not been given anything and I also feel that I have given him nothing. Therefore, it should be believed by heart to be true. If this talks are taken by heart with trust, I will send him in the happiness of Shriji inspite of his life span being more. Therefore get your work done till there are great Muktas. These talks can not be for ever. Those who do not have trust in these talks, they are atheist and their firmness for Maharaj is also less and they have not known the greatness of Muktas. This time we have such Mukta that, if any wretched or sinful soul surrenders to them he will get ultimate liberation, and all his sins will be washed away. After joining the Satsang, if one has committed any sin, all his sins will be washed away without repentance provided he surrenders to Muktas, puts his head in his lap and requests with prayer becoming very humble. If one becomes innocent before Muktas all his work will be done. Muktas will give the bliss of Shriji Maharaj within no time. Such bliss which can not be had by adopting innumerable means and trying for ages will be given by Muktas immediately. The art of meditation can not be learnt without the guidance of Muktas. If one is sent in the bliss of Shriji by great Mukta the realization will remain endlessly and not forgotten in the state of wakening, dream and sub-consciousness provided he meditates on Maharaj’s Murti at the time of going to bed and sleeps engrossed in Murti. Such is the power of great Mukta but one should remain humble before great Mukta. Just as the child is impartial when it is abused, insulted, beaten, praised, worshipped, or honoured. Similarly if some one beats saints, criticizes him, insults him, or praises him, worships him, honours him, he is impartial. If he is not affected in all six seasons as chain of gold is not affected, Muktas will give him bliss of Maharaj by grace. I shall do as much as I can. I shall give the ultimate liberation to you as well to those having love. I shall give you all the same bliss which I have and will make you as I am. I give you this boon as a gift.” After concluding the talk Bapashri met all. || 6 ||