On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 10th, Bapashri along with saints and devotees came to the farm to bathe. After having bath performed mental worship and held an assembly under jambun tree. Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “There is Bhutyoni (a group of ghost) but according to Ekantik there is nothing like Ghost. There are four kinds of salvation. The one who is desirous of salvation will not be fortunate for the relation with Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. He who wishes service will get Murti.

Then he talked and said, “Shriji Maharaj used to hold assembly in Jetalpur daily and used to give discourses. During that time if anyone goes asleep, he would be made to stand. Once Shree Muktanand Swami was feeling drowsy in the assembly. Maharaj asked him to stand up and go out of assembly. Swami gets up and thought, the sleep put an obstacle in listening so it should be driven out. Then he would sleep in the hot sand of the month Chaitra. The skin of Swami was soft so he developed skin boils. He told the sleep that it had disturbed him and was driven out of the assembly of Akshardham. The sleep appeared before him and with folded hand prayed to forgive its guilt and henceforth it will not come to him. On seeing this, Maharaj was very much pleased. Thereafter sleep would come to him whenever it was called, otherwise not. Such efforts should be made by him to avoid sleep. Therefore, sleep should be avoided. Sleep and food would increase by increasing them and would reduce by reducing them.

Once upon a time Shriji Maharaj did katha in Jetalpur for six months continuously and again he did katha for four months in Chaturmas (in the rainy season). There was a Pathan named Alikhan. He also used to sit for listening katha at a distance from the assembly. Once Maharaj was in jolly mood and asked all saints, “Oh saints! Katha is being read for last four months. Now tell me which katha was told on which day, if you cannot you will not be allowed to sit in the assembly. All saints, Ashjibhai and other devotees were unable to tell fully. Then Maharaj asked Alikhan Pathan. He narrated the whole katha from A to Z. The Pathan used to wear thick black Payjama and used to keep a black vessel and beg food.” Jetalpur is a very delightful and holy place. There is pleasing temple, grand palace, and a pond-how beautiful and grand they are! It can be given the simile of Akshardham. Bapashri said, “When Swami Nirgundasji, Bhagwatcharandasji and you (Ishwarcharandasji) were staying in that temple, I used to come there and liked very much. Maharaj moves about on the horse in this satsang. Whips him who disobeys commands. Then Bapashri quoted a kirtan. ‘Shree hari surnar Muni shirtaj‘ and said when Maharaj Himself is there, it is a sin to take support of scripture- so should not be taken. If one takes support of scriptures, it will create unnecessary dispute. Such a person will find fault in places of pilgrimage, in katha, in scriptures and everywhere. || 224 ||