On the day of Jeth Vad 7th the 62nd Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, Gopalanand Swami and Muktanand Swami were praised for their servitude nature and devotion for Mharaj. Then Bapashri said, “With servitude nature, one serves all.” These two Swamis had such nature. Which should be made firm. If you have to say something to someone you must say it as a servant in satwa attribute and with mercy and say it gently but should not say it mercilessly or with frown and should not humiliate and give him repentance with mercy but not with frown. Here repentance was to be given to a big man he was on the death bed. I gave him secret repentance in the month of Purushottam and saved him, and he went to Akshardham. Thus one should be given advice with mercy and give repentance and if he does not obey, it should be made public. Shriji Maharaj had come at Kankaria lake and many saints were with him. Great saints among them became proud and thought who can bring absolute conquest in satsang without us? Then shriji Maharaj held another assembly above it. There arti, pooja, was performed. On seeing that great saints prostrated before Shriji Maharaj and prayed and said that their pride was humbled. Thus Shriji Maharaj has much pleasure in servitude nature. Kidisakhi (one saint) wanted kingdom but had to bare punishment. Therefore, one should not desire anything except bliss of Murti and should remain pure. Then saints were taken round the heap of millet and said that the millet was touched by sinners now it has become pure. You are taught that you should keep the company of holy people and serve saints. In the famine of samvat 1956 a Khoja got the road constructed. His sins were like killing human beings but in construction of that road Kanbis did labourer’s work and in the famine of ’56 they got livelihood. They were all satsangis. The sins of Khoja were burnt by giving livelihood to those Kanbis and at the time of his death showing mercy on him liberated him by giving him prasad. Therefore, if you naurish satsangis your sins will be burnt and will be liberated. Such is the capacity of satsang.

Then Ishwarcharandasji Swami asked, “When God incarnates fast is observed on that day but when he leaves this world fast is not observed what is the reason of it?” Bapashri said, “When God incarnates hunger does not trouble us because of over joy, therefore fast is observed.Moreover, when God incarnates, he gives his devotees the knowledge of soul-parmatma, ajar-amarpanu (immortality), omnipresence, so that the devotee knows that God does not become invisible. He is there in every atom as He is but it is not so , that He is not anywhere. He is already there.When he gave darshan we knew Him but it is not so that formerly He was not there. He was not in our knowledge but He is always there and does not become invisible.One understands thus.Therefore, there is no need to fast. Continuing his talk he said, a devotee asked Gopalanand Swami that when he was digging stalks of cotton, he saw luminous Maharaj so how could he dig? He was not digging with the fear lest Maharaj be injured. Then Swami told him to carry on digging, it will not injure Maharaj. We have also to do so that Murti appears thus. Just as night merges in the day, similarly, illusion should be merged in luminescence and should see Murti. If you insist, Murti will be seen but we are not insisting so Murti is not seen.Maharaj is very rare he cannot be achieved by penance, service, worship or infinite means but today He is easily available, therefore, go on doing meditation, rosary, pooja etc.,Then Murti will be realized. If one wants to get illusive object, he would even go to Mumbai but he does not insist for divine thing like Maharaj. A saint got his favourite clothes from Mumbai, if such love is shown for Murti, what remains then? I talk dwelling in Murti but Jiva would not know it. You have met such Mukta. Besides, I push Jiva and send him to Maharaj’s Murti. Such is the push of Mukta. Nobody will be left out.

Then Swami Ghanshyamjivandasji said, “Bapa, its my request, please separate me from my physical body and take me in Murti. I do not have any support except your and I am unhappy.” Then Bapashri said, “This Bava-Swami Ishwarcharandasji and you and others who have come under my shelter are of my liking and I have to fulfill all. They do not have any fault. I will fulfill all.” Then he said, “Bapa, I have not done any means and not possible to do it.” Bapashri said, “Be assured. You are in illusive body so how can you know what to ask for?” Nobody knows the bounds of their capacity, greatness and happiness of Maharaj and Muktas.Therefore, I want to give all happiness which I have.It will be understood when you have divine feeling, divine happiness cannot be asked for by illusive body and wisdom.That will be given to you by myself. Keep such trust. I have such power that I whom you have met can give you happiness within a miniute. I am nondoer though doing it. ‘karta thaka akarta re yug yug ma nar deha dhare‘ -non doer though doing it, takes human body in every era. Such are Maharaj and His Muktas. If you know us as we are, you will run towards the sea if we ask you , if kept in hot sun or kept hungry, you will do so. If you know the perfect greatness, you will become so that if we say it is night you will say it is night, if we say it is day you will say it is day. Before knowing this Mukta you all must have done all means, then only you have been able to know such Mukta. Therefore ,you should understand that you have made firm all senses which have been told to make firm-all those senses have become perfect that is why you have recognized such Mukta.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “In the first question of this Vachanamrut Karma is said to be proper and improper- which is that?” Bapashri said, “The one who behaves according to commands is proper Karma and in it if there is thought of behaving against the command is improper Karma. If one gets angry with someone, it is also an improper Karma and it should be repented.If that repentence is done immediately by going to Muktas and revealing the guilt to him, it will require half of it and if he takes time, he will have to do it fully, and if it is done by someone’s suggestion, it will have to be done in double proportion. If fast is to be done for nishkamvrat it should be done immediately but should not postpone it-means should not delay it. If it falls on the next day of ekadashi the fast of repentant should be done on terash (on 13th day of month) but if there is no such obstacle it should be done on the same day. Vows should be kept but not many and if kept many, they should not be dropped. If one has kept many vows and does not drop them, it is the best but if after keeping many vows and had to drop them in that case it is better to keep a few. Then Bapashri said in Vachanamrut there is reference of incarnation of Narad, Sanak, etc. and Ram-Krishna, etc., it refers to Muktas and because other Paroksha (indirect) Ram-Krishna, etc. incarnations are of anvaya (immanent form) of incarnations. They cannot do ultimate liberation like Shriji Maharaj and some of them have come from illusion whereas Muktas are of incarnation of vytirek (transcendental) Murti i.e. Muktas can do ultimate liberation, therefore, those incarnations should be accepted. Maya (Illusion) is the room of soot (mesh)-this means mayik person cannot do the work of ultimate liberation.

Thakker Kalidas of Nanodara said, “I have not been able to give perfection to any of the three norms so what will happen of me?” Bapashri replied, “You have met such Mukta and Maharaj and if their greatness is understood and your mind is attaced to them, you will be liberated during your life span. You have to remain with them with whom you sit, therefore, since you have met such, you should know that everything is fulfilled, and soon will go to Akshardham-avoid worry. The one whom you have met has not met to anyone up to Aksharkoti and are also rare to meet them. If it is understood, you will get much happiness and everything viz sleep, food, hunger, misery will be forgotten. Such is the joy of Murti and should know that we live in this joy. || 193 ||