In Samvat year 1953, Gadhada Dharm Dhurandhar Acharya Sri Purusottamprasadji Maharaj had come to Kutch. When he visited Kera, Bapasri and Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints and devotees of Vrspur had come to Kera for darsan. There Bapasri was called by Acharyasri in his tent and he told him that Sriji Maharaj had sent him for the liberation of jivas-he knew thus from Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami, so Bapasri was requested to bless him to have the happiness of Mūrti as Bapasri was having. Acharyasri added that he wanted to call Bapasri to Amdavad and keep him there for two months for his association. Bapasri said all right. Then Acharya said, “I could not go to Abdasa and moreover Mistries (carpenters) requested me to stay for long time in their villages and if I stay there I can not reach Amdavad on the day of Sri Hari Navmi-so should I attend samaiya at Bhuj or Amdavad?” Then Bapasri told him to do samayia at Amdavad. MaharajSri said to Bapasri , “If you come to the villages of Mistries with me and persuade them to give me permission to go early then that I can reach Amdavad.” Bapasri agreed. Then Bapasri said, “When you go towards Gujarat from Kutch and reach Dhrangadhra, you will get a letter from Amdavad informing you that the Government has banned samayia because of plague and would not allow you to enter. The king of Dhrangadhra Sri Mansihji will insist you to stay in Dhrangadhra for two months and great saints are with you and they would like to stay but do not stay. When the time of samayia is near see that you are near Amdavad. Then again you will get letter that samayia has been permitted, so go to Amdavad.” Then Bapasri and Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints went to Vrspur at night. On the next day Maharaj Sri came to Vrspur. There he stayed for two days and started to go to the village of Mistries. Bapasri went with him along with forty to fifty devotees. There he persuaded Mistries and seventeen offerings of meals were made in three offerings and got permission in three days and made them do other seva. Then they started from Kumbharia and on the way they went to Devaliya, Sinogara up to Anjar. There Acharya Sri was given send off, and from there Bapasri returned. Govabhai requested Bapasri to visit Kumbharia. While going to Kumbharia on the way a rat came out of its hole (burrow) and the kite came with speed to catch but on seeing many human beings it flew away without catching it. But as its wings hurt the rat so it began to struggle for life. Bapasri put a pinch of dust on it, gave it vartaman and the rat died. Swami Aksarjivandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints, Keshrabhai, etc. devotees asked what its state would be? Bapasri said it got ultimate liberation. Then Bapasri went to Kumbharia and staying there for two to three days, saints of Bhuj went to Bhuj and Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. all went to Vrspur along with Bapasri. Acharya MaharajSri and all Sadgurus reached Dhrangadhra from Anjar. There they got a letter from Amdavad about the ban on samaiya by the Government and they would not be allowed to enter Amdavad. The king also insisted for their stay for two months and Sadguru Swami Vrndavandasji, Sadguru Swami Devcharandasji, Shashtri Balmukundanandji Brahmachari, etc. saint told to Acharyasri to stay in Dhrangadhra since the king insisted and they would not be allowed to enter Amdavad, so it would be better to stay here. But MaharajSri asked to start and said, “Let it happen whatever happens.” They started from there and came to Lilapur. There a letter came from Amdavad telling that the ban on samaiya had been lifted so come. Then all came to Amdavad and samayia was held. || 8 ||