On the day of Fagana Vad 7th, Dhanjibhai of Narayanpur showed the signs of illness more so his younger son Harjibhai came to Vrspur and requested Bapasri, so Bapasri himself came to Narayanpur to give darsan to him. On seeing Bapasri, Dhanjibhai got up from bed and met Bapasri by saying Jay Swaminarayana. Bapasri moved his hand on the body of Dhanjibhai and asked not to worry, Maharaj will do good. Dhanjibhai said, “Bapa! I have no worry because of your mercy. The only request is that formerly whenever, I was ill you have kept me by curing my illness three to four times. This time I request you get me attached to Murti by your mercy. Now I have no any other sankalpa than Murti.” Bapasri said, “Why are you becoming so sad? If I have any work for you in this world I have to keep you.” Dhanjibhai prayed with great emotion to Bapasri saying that he had no desire at all to live in this world so he should be kept in the happiness of Murti by his mercy. On hearing such words Bapasri was very much pleased and said, “All right, you go. I am also coming later on and advised his three sons to do seva of their father properly. His tendency (vrtti) is now with Murti.”

Then Bapasri and all the family members were sitting near by at that time Dhanjibhai prayed to Bapasri and said to him, “Bapa! Boons which you had given all became true” and saying so, his eyes were full of tears of love. He further said with folded hand, “Bapa!, you have shown much mercy. You brought Maharaj and saints all divine luminous. Are you also such luminous!” Saying so, he went into meditation. When he came out of meditation he again said with folded hands, “Bapa! You have shown much mercy. You are such merciful!” Bapasri said, “Dhanjibhai, join your tendency in Maharaj. In that Murti, rays of luminescence emit and also fountain of luminescence emits. Inside it infinite muktas dwell bodily. Therefore, do not see anything except Murti and do not speak anything.” Saying so, Dhanjibhai was made calm. Then Bapasri advised his sons etc. not to worry for him. Dhanjibhai has become happy in the happiness of Murti. His relatives said to Bapa, “It will be like famine without Dhanjibhai. On hearing these words Bapasri said that this famine will have no much effect but when there will be big famine, all will realise. Saying so Bapasri advised all to remain by him and then Bapasri came to Vrspur.

Once again Dhanjibhai got up late at night and started praying Maharaj and thanked Maharaj and Bapasri, He said that much mercy was shown on him. Along with Maharaj he was having darsan of Bapasri. He said Bapasri to come near and expressed with surprise that he was such luminous. Why had he not appeared such till today? Today you have shown much mercy. At that time his relatives and three sons named Ramjibhai, Laljibhai and Harjibhai, etc. were not sleeping. His younger son Harjibhai asked his father what he was speaking. Looking at him Dhanjibhai said to Harji to ask everyone in the house to have darsan and surprisingly said that such a big assembly was sitting there and how he was asking what happened. Here was Maharaj, here was Bapa. All those sat with luminescence. Saying so, he had gone in trance. Family members, came to know that his tendency had become one with Murti and Bapasri had told them to do his seva. They were giving him food and water according to his wish, but there remained no other seva. But he was having darsan of Sriji Maharaj and the divine assembly which was the greatest benefit they got. Thinking so all members of family young or old prayed and prostrated and requested to remain pleased on them. At that time Dhanjibhai also greeted all with Jay Swaminarayana with folded hands and prostrated and thanked Maharaj saying that he was very merciful and welcomed His presence. Repeatedly said Maharaj had done much mercy. He was devotee’s love. He took much care of him and added that Maharaj had kept his prestige. Saying so he slept with folded hands and while sleeping he was thanking Bapasri, saying that he came with Maharaj at a proper time and then he remained silent. After sometime he was praying with folded hands while in sleep, at that time his sons asked him what he was doing. He said he was praying to Bapasri. His sons asked him where Bapasri was. He said here he was. He was taking bath at the river stream. Then his son Harji inquired and knew Bapasri was bathing. Bapasri was taken to Dhanjibhai’s home and all had darsan. Thus Bapasri gave Dhanjibhai divine sight. || 127 ||