On the night of Vaishakh Vad 12th, Bapashri and Swami Iswarcharndasji were sleeping on the first floor above the doors of the temple. At 2-00 o’clock in the night Bapashri asked Swami Ishwarcharandasji whether he had met Gangji Patel of Mankuva at Bhuj. Swami replied that he had. Then Bapashri asked if he was invited to come to Mankuva. Then Swami replied he had not asked me to come to Mankuva but when he had met me at Bhuj in the farm had said that he would not be able to come to Kumbharia. Then Swami asked him what the condition of the sick boy was. Gangji Patel said that the illness is still there but at present he is somewhat better will not die. But he had not said why he had not gone to give darshan. Bapashri said that he had taken the boy to Akshardham now only. (At this time) great saint like you had come but the boy’s father did not tell you to give him darshan. Saints darshan must be arranged for sick persons. The boy was religious minded and left the body in no time. But father did not make arrangement for your darshan. After finishing talk they slept.

On the next day Mavji of Bharasar, Gangji Patel, Tajobhakta and Kesharabhakta, etc came. They informed that Jadva has gone to Akshardham. Bapashri said that this information was given to this saint at 2-00 o’clock in the night and informed him that I had taken him to Akshardham. He asked Ishwarcharandasji whether he had told him or not. Swami Ishwarcharandasji told that he was told so. Then Bapashri said one more proof I am going to give that there was nobody near the boy and left his body in the bed. || 180 ||