In Samvat year 1959, in the month of Vaishakh, Bapasri had arranged a very big yajna and in that yajna katha of Satsangijivan and ‘Sikṣapatri Bhaṣya’ was done for fifteen days. Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. had reached there in advance. Bapasri got the invitation letters written by both Sadgurus and they were sent to two regions, so, many saints and devotees had come from various places. In that yajna Bapasri had shown his divine power and had made seekers (mumukṣus) happy in the happiness of Mūrti. He (Bapasri) gave darsan to some by going to them and to some he went to their lodging place and asked about their well-being, he would be sitting in the assembly and he would give darsan at the same time in the kitchen, would be seen serving meals, going to the well in the farm where devotees had gone and would be seen taking bath at well, would be seen at his home too, and he would continuously be in the assembly-everything at the same time. Thus all saints and devotees were astonished and they were made very much happy by giving them various talks about Anadi muktas’ power (who are enjoyers of happiness of Mūrti) and about greatness of Sriji Maharaj. When the yajna was finished, all were given prasadi of sukhdi and were made happy. Moreover Bapasri gave tiffin in the form of remaining happy in the happiness of Mūrti to Sastri Balmukundanandji. In that parayana Zaverilalbhai of Nadiad and Swami Balmukunddasji and one more saint had gone there from Bhuj by victoria. Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked Bapasri, “Balmukunddasji Swami never sat in a carriage and did not even drink milk. Now he sits in carriage and drinks milk-what is the reason?” Bapasri said, “When Balmukunddasji and Muktajivandasji were ill, the soul of Balmukunddasji was taken out from his body and was put in Mūrti and Muktajivandasji’s jiva was put in Balmukunddasji’s body so that he could do penance with a view to avoiding his birth. This was because Muktajivandasji could not do so much penance as Balmukunddasji could do. Then Aksarjivandasji of Bhuj said to Bapasri, “Ah! Do you inter change bodies in this way?” Bapasri said, “Yes! I do it by Maharaj’s power.” Hearing this saints and devotees were very much surprised. || 22 ||