In the Samvat 1982, in the month of Magsar Bapashri came to Gujarat for the treatment of eyes of his eldest son Kanjibhai and Ramjibhai the son of younger son Manjibhai. They stayed in the temple of Saraspur. Following are the talks given by Bapashri there.

On the morning of Magsar Sud 11th in Samvat 1982, the 70th Vachanamrut of the first chapter was being read in the assembly in the temple of Saraspur. In it, there is reference about determination. Bapashri said, “The one who can bear the load of satsang is called ‘Atmanishtha‘ (firm determination in soul). If one has no Atmanishtha he will be insulted and will leave the group and go elsewhere, and if he is insulted there, he will go elsewhere. If Atmanishtha is sincere, he will not find faults with Acharya, saints, devotees, etc. and would not try for material objects. If such determination he has for Maharaj, ‘Mere to tum ak aadhara, tum bin sab jag jarat angara‘ (you are only my support and the whole world is like fire for me), it will happen like this for him. Above Akshar, there is ‘Anand ghan’, which is luminescence of Maharaj in which Shriji Maharaj along with His Muktas lives. There fountains of luminescence emits -fragrance comes from it which draws us in Murti. Therefore, we should remain engrossed in Murti. Worship and service should be such that Maharaj is always with us. Juice (bliss) is the same but it is bitter. It is told after reading scripture but it has no effect, moreover it is not seen. If you wish to realize Maharaj in Jiva, disputes are to be avoided. If one has ego he may even insult great Anadi Mukta. If he has Atmanishtha, everything will become divine and will not take Muktas as human beings. When one is able to remain steady in Murti in physical, subtle and causal body, it should be known, that his determination is complete. If you are proud of means, Maharaj will be forgotten. But you should be eager for the thing which you want. The talk of determination is complex. I feared to tell it because tendency may go in other incarnation, etc. or may go elsewhere. Maharaj has constructed this path of Dharma. You may lose time in means the katha-kirtan but it is of no use and will not get happiness. There is happiness only in Murti. Amrutbai of Bhuj was proud of means so she got fame but it is useless. Means should be done to please the Maharaj but should not be given much importance. The foundation of determination should be strong and should not become unsteady. We should concentrate on meditation and worship and realize Murti. If the goal is not achieved one will not be eager for taste etc. ‘wala e rasna chakhanahar chhas te nav piye re lol‘. The one who has tasted juice of Murti will not be eager for any other objects. If we search of it, it is the same thing- is not it? Saint said, “It is”. Bapashri said, “Some wanders here and there and some ends up in Jagannath etc. How are you kauchbin? You had no knowledge of wearing dhoti or eating or drinking but now you have began to get it, so be careful. The world of illusion (Maya) is a cheater (deceptive)-if we understand thus, there will be improvement. Yesterday saint said he was not invited. It is his ego. Samaiya causes the improvement in worship even for wretched person and passionate. For Ekantik, Parbhav (Akshardham) and Avarbhav (wordly affairs) are the same. The characteristic of the wretched and the passionate is that they are taken away by eating, drinking, honour and love. He dislikes satsang. He is qualify for the house of Dharmraja. Our principle is that even you should be benefited-may he be benefited. Today there are such Mukta in satsang that they can over turn Brahmand by only sanklap (thought). Even then, they bear insult or honour of the wretched person and degenerated person. They do so for the goodness of Jiva. We have come together for the purpose of avoiding all these and get attached to Murti. If satsang is firm, he would not get attached to any other objects. All over labels like Patel, Doctor, Pandit will be removed when we get Murti. Today it is the day of Ekadashi so see that our senses do not go elsewhere excepting for Murti. Someone wants to become officer of Muli or Amdavad but does not want to become great at the house of Swaminarayan. Getting authority in this world is like the packets of ashes. Liking for taste is sin and we should have dislike for it. He thinks that he has becomes great by doing means but how much great has he become? He can not get happiness from it. These means keep one away from the Murti of Maharaj. Today great Muktas are there in satsang, get attached to them and become fulfil. This assembly of Akshardham and talks are also given there. Shriji Maharaj has sworn in the name of Narnarayan therefore, he who knows this assembly as that of Akshardham he would get immense happiness. He can get attached to Murti provided he becomes the servant of a servant. One should bear suffering of ‘Trividh tap‘ (Adhi-Bhautik, Adhidevik and Adhyatmik or heat of three types of suffering) and should get attached to Murti. There is happiness in it. Just as milk and sugar, become one. Similarly, if one is engrossed in Murti he will not be troubled Trividh tap. Yesterday saint started speaking. He crossed the limit and said that who he was and he has not been invited in the Yagna. I (Bapashri) told him that Yagna is taking place daily if you do it. Vachyarth (literal meaning) is useless. If it is Laxyarth (goal oriented) will be useful. The devotee of God will be unhappy in the proportion in which he violates commands and will be happy in the proportion in which he obeys. || 238 ||