Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “We should keep only Swaminarayana with us. Unless we are straightforward, He will not allow us to enter Aksardham. He is very strict. Therefore, we should not be crooked. Always remain in His commands and always be straightforward. Muktas are doors of liberation. One’s curtain of maya is removed, if he knows this assembly as divine. Fragrance emits from Purusottam Narayana’s Murti. One who comes out of Murti will not be happy. The knowledge other than Murti is the knowledge of maya. One should come out of it and join Murti. The happiness comes because jets of happiness emits from Murti. ‘Sacha sura re jena veri ghav vakhane’ (he whose attacks are praised by enemy is really brave). Therefore, do not be coward. Go directly to Purusottamnarayana by jumping from the heads of all. If there are obstacles of pride, etc. the path will be far away. Jiva should not keep ego or attachment. We may be afraid of this world but Lord Swaminarayana is constantly present in this satsang. We are not afraid of Him- what an ignorance! Someone are adamant and do not give up their point- do not do like that. If command is violated one will be bankrupt. Similarly, if one cannot be in front of God and His muktas it is called bankruptcy. If one, wants to break a big mountain it takes time but heap of sand will take no time in bringing it to ground. Similarly, if Maharaj’s command is violated, it should be known as unnatural death. At our place people go for the work of labour- even then they do penance, follow religion and worship God. If you do like this, God will be happy.”

Thereafter in women’s temple as it was decided previously to install idols in sukhsaiya, all preparations like bringing car, a band party, drums, etc. began as it was time up. Bapasri got ready to go along with saints. The idols which were to be installed in the temple were put on cushion and mattresses and then they were put in car. Thus, two great miraculous divine idols of Maharaj and in other car back of previous one is of Bapasri and saints joined the procession. In front there was a group of devotees in the mood of celebration, followed by devotees and Mumukshus of the city. Thus all came to the women temple in Gadikhata street and on the way band party was ahead in the procession and saints and Bapasri were giving darsan to Mumukshus. There saints performed puja of Maharaj with sandalwood paste, flowers, etc. Devotees were celebrating and saints were reciting slokas. In between devotees were throwing gulal on all and a macebearer was loudly uttering wishes of long life to Sriji Maharaj. Thus, the temple was full of such enthusiastic devotees and Mumukshus. At the auspicious time Bapasri installed the idols in sukhsaiya and made jai ghosh of Mahaprabhuji. At that time Mohanlal Nathubhai donated five hundred rupees and performed arati and got the pleasure of Bapasri. All were overjoyed by darsan of that divine Murti and group of muktas. Many devotees could not find place in the temple so standing outside, they were having darsan of the divine celebration and considering themselves having become grateful. From there all came to the place where Sriji Maharaj had come in divine form in Karachi at the time of installation of Murti. As a memorial to the occasion a chhatri was constructed where charanarvind were installed. There also Murti was to be installed by the hands of Bapasri. So, all came there. There also installation ceremony was performed with the same grandeur. Bapasri and all saints performed arati of Sriji Maharaj and charanarvind, and made Jay ghosh. Then both Sadgurus requested Bapasri to bless because he had installed Murti, performed arati at the place where the Sriji Maharaj had come in divine form and the place had became memorial to the occasion. Bapasri gave the boon that whosoever comes here and has darsan of Sriji Maharaj and charanarvind will get ultimate liberation.” Then Bapasri distributed prasad of sweets which was offered to Ṭhakorji. At that time Bapasri said, “I have heard from the talks of our Guru Swami Nirgundasji that Sriji Maharaj had come in divine form at that place. But with the installation of Murti at this place all will have memory of Sriji Maharaj. Moreover innumerable jivas will get ultimate liberation because of installation of Murti.” The place was very much praised. Thereafter, offerings for Ṭhakorji was prepared at Laljibhai’s house so Bapasri along with all devotees went to his place to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. Then Laljibhai prayingly said to Bapasri that it had become very late. Reacting to it Bapasri said, “Such delay liberates infinite jivas. Many have gained- what is it? it is the opening of almsgiving centre for ultimate liberation. Such deeds are done at the door of Sriji Maharaj. ‘Asankhya jiva uddharvane aviya re lol, Brahmamoholvasi Hariray’ (Maharaj, who is resident of Brahmamohol, has come to liberate innumerable jivas). Thus by having darsan of such samaiya, Maharaj is easily pleased. Kudos for such loving devotees! Women folk have done these great services. Moreover, love of devotees is equally good. I had plan of staying here for five days but ten to twelve days are already over, still all want me to stay and they insist for it. Saints have also been won. On seeing love of devotees I wonder how much I should give them. I have kept no other resolution than Maharaj, want all to get attached to Murti. Here it seems there are more female devotees than male devotees. Here the nuns have spread satsang very much. Maharaj is pleased with those who are religious minded, Therefore, they themselves remain happy and also make happy those who associate with them. Women are frank and trusting, so it will not take time for them to develop love for Maharaj. This temple is also grand. Maharaj is miraculous- is there any doubt about it? Seeing this it seems that the fate of satsangi women and men of Karachi is more fortunate. Those who knew satsang at this time and who got the shelter of Sriji Maharaj have got great benefit. ‘Avyo avsar ne chetya tane’ (opportunity came and you became aware at right time). It has happened here like thus.” All were asked to keep such love till the last moment. Thereafter Bapasri offered meals to Maharaj and on the way to the house of Lalubhai went to the place of all devotees who insisted, gave them darsan, threw his sight of love, blessed them, gave vows of vartaman to young children, made happy many with his darsan and came to the house of Lalubhai. Lalubhai performed Bapasri’s puja with sandalwood paste and flowers and prostrated before him and requested him to give darsan always like this. Bapasri was pleased with Lalubhai and said in Sindhi, ‘Jite halo ite valo’ (jyan chalo tyan valo’) (wherever you go there is beloved God). Take joy in Murti. Saying so, he told all devotees that Lalubhai is great Mahamukta and is like jewel. What to say about Sindha and such mukta. This is all because of Sriji Maharaj’s mercy; otherwise such talk is rare. Saying so Bapasri gave darsan to Devjibhai, etc. blessed several Mumukshus with liberation and came to temple. || 89 ||