In Samvat year 1956, Bapasri was coming to Gujarat by sea along with devotees. The other passengers included Memons and so on. When the steamer reached in the middle of sea of Kandla, the storm began and it was about to sink. The sailors told the passengers to remember their respective Istadev (Gods of faith) and said that they were unable to save the steamer and the steamer had begun to sink. All were terribly afraid. While sitting on his seat in the steamer Bapasri extended both his hands and put them under the steamer and lifted it. This was seen by a Memon (one of the passengers) who was big Seth (merchant). The steamer became steady. The sailors started the steamer and brought it at the shore of Vavania. All the passengers got down there. The Memon who had basket full of dry fruits gave it to Bapasri and said in loud words that this person had saved our lives otherwise today all would have died. He is very great person with supernatural power. He extended his hands, put them under the steamer, lifted it and brought it up to this point which he had seen with his own eyes. All were astonished to hear this. Then Bapasri sat in the tram car. Bapasri went on distributing dry fruits which were in the basket to all till Muli as Prasad. || 15 ||