On the noon of Jeth Vad 5th Bapashri showing his favour talked in the assembly. He said, “Where there are Maharaj and great saints, there is always joy. I stayed for a night in Navlakhi. There I did katha-varta which was listened to by teachers. Where Maharaj and Muktas tread that land is called chaitanya (divine). All that land on which Maharaj and Muktas treaded, ate, walked, became holy and became prasadi. Just as if they touch a cloth or a stone even at one end, it entirely becomes holy. Similarly, the land became prasadi due to the relation of Shriji Maharaj. After many such talks, they went to bed. At half past two Bapashri told saint to go for bath. He said, “Today we will sit in the farm because it rains in Piplana, Panchala but it would not rain here.” Then Bapashri and all saints went to the farm and bathed. Then Bapashri said, “These wells have been made prasadi by Sadguru Swami Nirgundasji. Here Swamishree used to move with me and talked. He would say a devotee of some village was taken to Akshardham by Swami and when a devotee in Lunawada died, Swami said he and Sadguru Gopalanand Swami took a devotee to Akshardham-many such talks were done. Swamishree was very capable. After saying so they sat for mental worship and after that they all came back to the temple. || 191 ||