On the morning of Magsar Vad 5th, Rao Saheb Balubhai of Aslali asked in the assembly, “Is jiva form or it becomes so and is it bound by another body?” Bapashri said, “Jiva is true and animate thing. It becomes divine form like Shriji Maharaj by meditating on Shriji Maharaj. Those who understand from scriptures, say according to explanation in scriptures. They tried for the meaning but do not get success. This is said by me by seeing it- jiva in maya is formless and in the abode of God, it becomes divine form. When jiva gets experience knowledge, fragrance emits from the Murti, which draws jiva in Murti. Everything is unripe without it. God is miles away from your pandit. They are entangled in scripture but they will not find them. They can only find him if they meet Anadi or Param Ekantik Mukta of Maharaj. The saint for whom you are looking for is the same saint. If you get attached to him, you will be happy. He has no knowledge of it. In Samvat 1922, I had come and met many and he also met me. To day we have met the one who dwells in Maharaj’s Murti and recognize Him, be one with Him and get attached to Him and surrender mind to Him and do blindly as He says- if he says it is night, agree with him, if he says it is day, do not challenge. Do not apply reasoning. Then only he will make us free from illusion. This saint is door of Akshardham. He will make our state as he is. We start doing. If efforts are put Muktas will be pleased and will show favour. If Jiva considers whole satsang as divine, we will become divine. Then devotee of Mandala came for darshan. Bapashri put both his hands on his head and asked him to follow norms, determination, (keep firmness) and side with the sect and imagine Murti- it is called ‘sabeej‘ (having seed-power). He will have no difficulty. If he does only means, nothing can be gain. We are in this body is feeling of worldly knowledge (avarbhav) and dwelling in Maharaj’s Murti is feeling of heavenly abode (parbhav-akshardham). I want to keep all in the heavenly abode (Akshardham) in this satsang there are some Anadi and there are Adis. Those sitting here are all Adis and those Anadis who are in Akshardham are the same Adis. Just as here, Murti is in illusion (maya) and there is shadow as well. Similarly, these adis are in place of shadows. ‘Gyani ne gyani male rasni lutalut, gyani ne agyani male to thai pade mathakut‘ (when knowledgeable meets knowledgeable, there is joy of ecstasy. But when the knowledgeable meets ignorant, there will be controversy). Then there was talk, a brahmin asked, “Is it the engrossment of Murti or vrutti?” Bapashri said, “Engrossment of vrutti is the sign of state of means. In the siddh state, it is engrossment of Jiva- that should be done. Vrutti is illusive (mayik) and Jiva and God are divine. Vrutti cannot be there for divine thing. It sees through its own authority. In this assembly, there are tranquil (with upashana) person and those whose sight has no covering and there are also independent Muktas. We should recognize them and get the Jiva attached to them, so that we will be happy. If such persons are recognized and associates with them, time limit of means will be over for Jiva and feelings of means will not be there and in its place there will be feeling of siddh state for taste- he will become such satsang consists of truth, Shriji Maharaj, one’s own soul, saints and dharma, which is described in ‘Satshatra‘ (scripture). We should not remain blind and should remain as a slave of such saint || 245 ||