On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 12th Bapashri, showing his favour talked. He said, “Just as rainwater falls on a tree and the water goes into the leaves of the tree. Then there is breeze from the tree as well from the water. Similarly, we should associate with Maharaj and Muktas outwardly and inwardly so that faults will disappear and they will never appear again. If association is only outwardly, faults will be suppressed till we are in front of Maharaj and Muktas and as soon as we are away, they will appear. Just as till we are under the canopy, the sun rays will not trouble us, and as soon we come out of it, heat of the sun will trouble us. Just as the sun is not seen if the sky is fully covered with clouds, similarly, if we associate inwardly, the faults will not appear. Therefore, association would be of two kinds- inwardly and outwardly. Though some may be learned and wise, their enemies like lust, etc. do not disappear. Some may not understand anything but by the grace of Muktas they become faultless and become happy in the bliss of Murti. Just as the person who is fasting would be eager to dine so he will collect things for cooking and will cook. Similarly if one is eager and tries means, his faults will be burnt. Jiva has no faith in meditation of Murti and remains idle so Murti is not realized. If one endeavours, Murti will appear. Just as if the crop gets more water it will become yellow. Similarly, if one always remains in the group of the Satsang he will not know the importance but if he gets darshan after a year or two he will have the benefit equivalent to darshan of Shriji Maharaj Himself and will also develop love. If he thinks that these saints are all Murtis of Brahm, day by day he will go on developing more and more love and will understand the greatness by remaining together, then he will be fulfilled. Just as the one who is in the kitchen, will not feel hungry but the fasting person will have much eagerness of food. Similarly, one is constantly together, he will not know the greatness, but if he gets darshan on rare occasions, he will have much feeling of greatness. If there are some saints having tendency of knowledge of self, Maharaj and infinite Muktas are with them, it is a big opportunity and it should always be seized. Just as one’s illness does not allow him to speak even if some body tries to speak with him because he gets happiness in drowsiness. Similarly, the one having association of Muktas gets much happiness of Maharaj and Muktas. He will not get happiness in a crowd because the seeker does not get peace in exposure. He would get peace by sitting alone in worship. There is no interruption for Anadi Muktas. All their activities are done independently like Astavadhani and Murti can not be left. Exposure is meant for the newcomer.” || 28 ||