On the evening of Aso Sud 7th, Bapasri, showing his favour talked in the assembly. He said, “The one who is in constant trance samadhi would not perceive anything except Murti. In every activity like eating, drinking, getting up, sitting, etc., he sees Murti only. After that state marvels, samadhi, miracles, etc. are shown by Sriji Maharaj as He wishes but there is no sequence in it.

Then the 65th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter began to be read. In it, it is said that if one establishes complete control over his senses he can achieve the gods of the respective senses. So Bapasri said, “If one overtakes all this and goes straightly to Murti and sticks to It, there will be no obstacle for him. Every thing else is known to the experts of the scriptures. For us Vairaj, ahankar, Mahattattva, Pradhan-Purusa, Prakrti-Purusa, Vasudevbrahma, Mula-Aksar and Aksardham have no place. We should keep Murti which this Isvarbava has kept. He has overtaken all. The devotee of God swallows kala and karma. ‘Kala karmani re sanka deve visari.’ (The fear of kala and karma should be given up). What is the meaning of ‘swallow’ here? Here it means a devotee drives away kala and karma. Such great are thise saints. Why it is so? Because he has got Maharaj Himself, so everything has become unreal for him. When Maharaj Himself meets one, one becomes one with Murti and one’s form becomes like the form of Murti. Then only one can guide others. One gets such capacity.” Then Bapasri asked the saints to talk. So the saints requested Bapasri to ask Swami Ghansyamjivandasji to talk. Bapasri said, “His darsan is also rare because he comes here even at this old age. He is fit to become the chief of the temple of Bhuj.” Saying so, Bapasri quoted a devotional song. ‘Sakhi ghan saji sanagir dhara lili thai’ (the earth has decorated itself wearing green sheet with the help of rain). Some talks concern with worldly perspective and some talks with divine perspective . So we should know them as the case is. Maharaj is called having multiple forms. Maharaj is in the form of white luminescence. That mass of luminescence is so thick that it is explained with the example of lightening, the moon, the sun, etc.” Then he said, ‘Svet har paherya ur par kaju, bandhya Svet fulna baju,’ ‘laheri latkala’ (Maharaj has worn garlands of white flowers in His neck and around His arms.) He is described with such similes, but He is supernatural. In Aksardham God with two arms is seated; and gods with four arms, eight arms or a thousand arms– all of them are other incarnations. We should know our master supreme Lord Swaminarayana with two arms. Do you want the one having two arms or someone else?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “We want the one having two arms.” Then Bapasri said, “Murti which is seen as moving and Murti which is called Ghansyam is because of worldy perspective and the one which is seen moving around is in the perspective of param ekantiks and the one which is seen in the womb of mother is from the perspective of Anadi muktas.”

Then in the evening, the 3rd Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read. At that time Bapasri, looking at the assembly said to the saints, “According to this Vachanamrt you are incarnations of God.” ‘Je je avtare je je lila kari hoy te sambhari rakhvi.’ (we should remember whatever divine actions any of the incarnations of God have performed). Are the incarnations mentioned in this Vachanamrt denote Machchha, Kachchha, Varah, Haygriva, Vyasa, Ram, Krsna? No, No, none of them. It is you who are all incarnations. Ultimate liberation is not possible through previous incarnations. If we do not understand this matter, it is our shortcoming. Once this thing is understood one can become fulfilled. If one dwells in Murti, he can understand this point, but if he does not become introvert what can he understand?” Then Bapasri saw the devotees cleaning the porch. Bapasri recited one stanza, ‘nichi tel male to mane mota bhagya jo’ (one should believe oneself extremely fortunate if one gets chance to render service in form of even the trivialest task). The trivialest task is to serve sick saints, to sweep a temple, to clean a toilet used by saints, etc.” Concluding his talk with this, he cheerfullfy said, “Sahajanand Swami Maharajni jay and a sabhani mayano ksay’ (Lord Sahajanand Swami is always victorious and ignorance of this assembly has been destroyed). || 25 ||