On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 13th, the 35th Vachanamrut of the last chapter was being read in the assembly. In it there was a reference that the sin committed by the betrayal of saint will be as good as betrayal of God and the fruit of saint service will be as good as service of God. Then Bapashri said, “If betrayal of other incarnation and their devotees is done, it will affect in less proportion. Moreover, by their worship, liberation will be in less proportion. Whereas if guilt is committed against to days devotee it will affect very Much and if they are pleased liberation will become easy (be more), because several other incarnations have come from illusion (Maya) and several others have come from Iswarkoti which is above illusion and several have come from Brahmakoti. Whereas these are above Brahmakoti, Aksharkoti and even above them, there are Param Ekantik and Anadi they have come, and Shriji Maharaj who is above all of them has come. Shriji Maharaj takes away supremacy of other incarnations and He Himself is independent. Just as the fruit of akda (kind of plant which is favourite of Hanumanji)and fruit of mango tree are unequal. Similarly, Mahaprabhuji and other Mul-Akshar etc. are not equal. If the greatness of this Maharaj is understood, passion, anger, greed, pride will all disappear and the body will become empty of attributes (pure). Just as Shri Sadanand Swami said that stick of gurubhai broke and Gopalanand Swami was beaten by nagda renouncer (naga bava). He was asked that he was beaten very much. Then Swami said that wood beat the wood- so what difference does it make? One should become such saint. One should properly obey all commands of Maharaj whether ordinary or extraordinary and should meditate. Whether we do it today or after innumerable births, we will have to do it otherwise Maharaj and Muktas will not be pleased. You are associating with us but if you keep your pride like serpent’s hood raised above, the poison of illusion (Maya) will not subside and you may take someone’s life means some know that he is associated with Muktas and do his service that is called taking life, so it should not be done so. If siddhis (offerings) like ghee, sugar, fruit, flower, dryfruit, etc. are received, they should be given to saint. Just as sadguru Nirgundasji Swami give away to poor saint. How great this Maharaj and His saints are! They are so great that if you remember this assembly at the time of leaving body you will be fulfilled and no defect will be left. If Maharaj and Muktas show favour, even the trees will get the knowledge and will be liberated. If envious Jiva prays he will be liberated. Such is the power of Muktas. || 169 ||