Bapasri made all saints and devotees whosoever came in his contact till Ashadh Sud 2nd, of Samvat 1984 enjoyer of Murti. Having known astonishing power of Bapasri, great saints and the devotees having achieved the highest stage used to come to Vrspur for the sake of only getting the pleasure of Bapasri, leaving their work stayed with him-some for month, some for fifteen days, and some for five to eight days. All believed that presently Bapasri is seen by the sankalpa of Sriji Maharaj and he makes them achieve the stage which Anadi muktas enjoy remaining engrossed in Murti, knowing thus thousands of saints, devotees, young and old men and women used to come for darsan and made themselves grateful. Bapasri performed great yajnas and his only sankalpa was to give ultimate liberation to all who came in that yajna. Sri Purusottamnarayana’s anadi mukta is the form of Purusottam so all activities are done by Sriji Maharaj through his (that) medium. That mukta remaining engrossed in Murti is not saturated from the bliss of Murti till infinite kalpas. During this time Sriji Maharaj making sankalpa, has drawn infinite jivas in Murti through the medium of Anadi Mukta Bapasri. Bapasri used to say that he has spread a net (khampali)-here that net means achieving by compassion. As, this stage cannot be achieved by doing means, Sriji Maharaj taking pity on His followers made infinite jivas to reach into the happiness of Murti through the medium of such Anadi Maha Muktaraj Bapasri. Anadi muktas are already there from time immemorial engrossed in Murti. Just as Sriji Maharaj is constant so also the assembly of Anadis. That point was explained very simply by Bapasri and many persons were fulfilled by blessings. In whichever city or village he went, that was the only talk. He may have gone to big temples but there also he would not remain without reputation. Whenever he would start to talk in assembly, all saints and devotees would naturally be attracted. Whatever talks would take place, the main subject would be Murti only. In it he would say some main points; “Maharaj and muktas have incarnated since Samvat 1837 and since then the autumn has set in. Today hajuri (Bapasri) has come and he will take us directly in the bliss of Murti. Mukta plays and enjoys in Murti. When muktas are pleased and they ask you, to ask for something, ask for Murti and should take Mahaprasad in the form of juice of Murti. Today Sriji Maharaj gives happiness in satsang through the medium of muktas. Great incarnate, etc. come for darsan of this mukta. You have met such anadi mukta who is comparable to Purusottam Himself. This mukta is in the service of Lord Purusottam. Always keep together Murti, abode and mukta-Maharaj and mukta will fulfil you. A great mukta will go to fetch someone by giving alarm and this will be seen by infinite muktas. Happiness of Sriji Maharaj is given by mukta very easily. By serving muktas and associating with them, one gets the fruit in the form of Murti. We are children of Sri Swaminarayana so we must become worthy of kingdom of Aksardham. If Murti is forgotten it is just like becoming a widow. There is no limit to the happiness of Murti. Without association of mukta there is no means or ritual by which the heart can become frank. The fruit of all means is Murti. Anadi Mukta and Sriji Maharaj are one like water and its ripples. The worshippers (upasak) of Purusottam belong to Mahaprabhuji’s assembly. Always remember great anadi mukta so that you cannot come out of Murti. Since we have met Anadi’s of Mahaprabhu our poverty has got cut off. Today the party of bridegroom has come from Aksardham –the bridegroom is Sriji Maharaj and the party (janaiya) is made of muktas –be proud of it. The chandlo (invitation) of incarnate Lord Purusottam and the Master of Aksardham has come- what a great thing! One can get everything but cannot get Sriji Maharaj and muktas-today swant (a constellation) is raining. There is nothing which can become simile for Sriji Maharaj and muktas. The narration without Murti is like jumping into sea without a boat. If a big thing in the form of Murti is achieved, everything else becomes false. Make everything false without Sriji’s Murti. The experiential knowledge means taking happiness of Murti dwelling in Murti. There is no end to virtues, happiness, greatness or knowledge of Sriji Maharaj’s form- it is limitless. This thing is very dear (very rare). The fountain of joy, happiness and peace flows in the talk of one with whom Maharaj is there. Liberation which cannot be achieved even after taking birth thousands of time, is available today with the physical body. It is just like getting crystal sugar while yawning. The giver of causal Murti is mukta so take the opportunity. Muktas are never alone. If love is developed with Anadi, one has achieved the goal. Today the incarnate i.e. Sriji Maharaj and His muktas give ultimate liberation to crores of jivas. This mukta is the incarnation of Sriji Maharaj and he is seen in the form of human being for the purpose of liberation of infinite jivas. In this satsang Sriji Maharaj’s saints are like the flowers of garden and take their virtues in the form of fragrance. If one remembers Maharaj, muktas are automatically remembered and if Anadi muktas are remembered, Maharaj is automatically remembered. Such muktas are there in the satsang and you have met them only. Likeness in other objects excepting for Murti is illness. Here stands Swaminarayana in this assembly, whosoever wants Him, take Him. There remains nothing for him whose supporters are Maharaj and muktas. Sankalpas of muktas are so powerful that they take innumerable cosmos to Aksardham-they are such capable. Today we have got eternal Maharaj and eternal muktas- no one is equal to them. Today Maharaj and muktas are compassionate. Do not have any other sankalpa excepting Sriji Maharaj. Today invitation of nectar has come-what is it? It is to give the happiness of Murti as it is to all jivas by liberating them. Be introvert and join Murti. In all activities of satsang, consider Maharaj as Master but one should not become the master. At the time when Maharaj is forgotten, one is called barren (vanzio). He, who does not keep Murti with him, will not get happiness. Muktas may scold you even then they will take you in the happiness of Murti by forsaking all hurdles. Always remain engrossed with Maharaj and muktas. If there is any doubt for liberation, I must be held responsible for it. Sound comes from luminescence of Murti and it is heard only by him who has realised Murti. Here sits Sriji Maharaj having two arms where is anadi mukta! And where is Maharaj-how can persons belonging to avarbhav (view from the perspective of this world) do proportion (comparison) between anadi mukta and Maharaj? Murti is here itself! It is not the fault of Murti but there is dearth of takers of Murti. Luminescence twinkles from Murti and there this assembly sits. The kingdom of the king and queen is equal. We have worn chundi (outer garment) of Sriji Maharaj-it is our luck. The deeds of innumerable births are destroyed by darsan only-such is the capacity of muktas. We are concerned with only causal Murti. Everything else is like a poison excepting Murti. There is nowhere in infinite cosmoses Lord like Sriji Maharaj and such muktas. In the present time I (Bapasri) take millions of jivas in the happiness of Murti. When good deeds of infinite past have risen and when the ultimate goal is going to be achieved, such muktas are recognised. There is happiness only in Murti, elsewhere ash hovers. Unless it is realised that Sriji Maharaj and muktas themselves sit, the greatness (importance) will not be understood. The happiness of Maharaj is beyond words. Today Sriji Maharaj has kept, covered gem in rags. The proportion in which we think deeply for the divine happiness we get it from Sriji Maharaj and His muktas. If it is realised that this assembly is divine, Sriji Maharaj will immediately fetch us. The bugle of victory has been blown for you. Mahaprabhuji has brought for us as much happiness as that of Aksardham. Happiness which is prior to Murti is like a core (stone) gunda (a kind of pickle). You will be shown the happiness of Maharaj as it is to you at the time of death. Maharaj and muktas are compassionate and have sympathy for the poor. The main thing which is in satsang is got by us-what is that main thing?- it is Murti. My business is the only business to take jivas to the causal Murti. If you have any thought other than Maharaj, you will have to take another birth. One cannot measure the fruit of darsan and touch of Maharaj and this mukta-it is unlimited and immortal. Anadi muktas constantly live in Murti from the time immemorial and take various kinds of happiness. They are not saturated by Murti or its happiness. Vachanamrt is filled with only Sriji Maharaj’s juice. Today Maharaj sits in the centre and muktas sit surrounding him. In this satsang incarnations, etc.; Brahmakoti Aksarkoti will have to come. We should keep Sriji Maharaj and His muktas as our guides. One gets happiness of Murti by serving and offering food to Sriji Maharaj and His muktas. One should keep Sriji Maharaj and great muktas as protectors. One should embrace only Murti and mukta. The devotee of Sriji is even prayed by great Aksarkoti. Sriji Maharaj has begun the path of liberation since Samvat 1937 so do not wander elsewhere. The greatness of Sriji Maharaj cannot be told fully even by Anadi muktas so do not take the support of scriptures in the words of muktas. The happiness lies only in Murti-not elsewhere. Lord Purusottam and muktas never get separated. If we do not believe in the words of one who is from the assembly of Murti, where should we live? Do not shut the door of liberation. Who else will come to say after this teller? Today he (Bapasri) gives assurance of safety and he makes one to sit in Murti by avoiding all hurdles. Today Maharaj and muktas rain real swant (a constellation) and if it is seized directly, one can be happy in the happiness of Murti. If the greatness of this assembly is understood as that of the assembly of Aksardham, one has not to go far leaving this body. If the curtain of maya is removed, this assembly will appear as divine luminous and in that luminescence Murti and muktas appear. Since jiva is small and Maharaj and mukta are great (big) how can it find bounds of Maharaj and muktas? This assembly has been sent by Sriji Maharaj-Maharaj also sits with it and gives happiness. Those having virtues like Sriji Maharaj, He gives them the key of liberation and they only are given the work of liberation. Sriji Maharaj has handed over the key of liberation to His beloved and private attendants. Maharaj and His muktas have come to fetch this jiva. Today the giver of liberation (bounty) has come so whosoever wants to take, take it. All shortcomings are removed by the association of this assembly-He does not care whether he deserves it or not-all are liberated (made bountiful). Anadis dwell in Murti and they are very happy. If one has divine feeling in this assembly he will feel that he is in Aksardham with this physical body. He who has met Sriji Maharaj in person has got lot of luxury so do not do improper activity. If the follower of Sriji goes elsewhere it is great ignorance. We are already sitting in the assembly of Sriji but we do not want to go after death! If one does not realise Murti by remaining in this association and doing meditation, he will be guilty of Maharaj and muktas. When I talk of Murti, it is like closed doors of the hardest metal; but it will have to be done. If meditation is done sincerely, Murti will be seen within six months in twinkling luminescence and there will be realisation. If Murti is taken care of as body is taken care of, Murti itself will be seen. Today Maharaj and mukta sit in the assembly and if you insist they will make you realised-this assembly is the witness of it. At this time there is chance to get realisation, so if you do not do realisation at this time then who will get it done? Who will then do such talk? Therefore do this, do this-leave everything aside. If you keep Murti, everything has come. You have got this benefit presently take it and do realise Murti. Believe happiness only in Murti of Sriji Maharaj and develop love. One who dwells in Murti has no feeling like mine, thine, saint or householder-he wants nothing. Fragrance comes from experiential knowledge and it takes one in Murti and then only Purusottam remains. The greatness of this assembly is very much; Murti which is in Aksardham is the same Murti which gives darsan as an Idol and in the human form- if it is understood thus, one will be fulfilled. The Murti which is in Aksardham is the Idol-there is no difference even of pore. If one knows it different, it is called envying. Today we have got the Master who is very great and the achievement is also very great. Now start doing, if he does not do one is called ungrateful. Worshipping (upasana) of Maharaj is in this satsang but elsewhere i.e. in Golok, Vaikuntha, Brahmakoti, Aksarkoti-it is not there. Muktas of Sriji Maharaj are greater than muktas and their masters of other assemblies. The support of only Sriji Maharaj should be kept like the stick of haral (a kind of bird). Even Mulaksharkoti does not have darsan of this mukta which you have got. If you keep Maharaj and Anadi muktas together, satsang will appear divine to you. You all have been put in Murti. There is all happiness in this assembly only but he keeps unfulfilment unnecessarily. This mukta is the echo of Sriji Maharaj. If there is desire for other than Murti, it should be known as wicked passion. Experiential knowledge emits from Murti and it takes in Murti. I am telling you by showing favour about the greatness of the Master and His beloved muktas. If you know Sriji Maharaj as He is, and if you obey His command, I shall help you in putting you in the happiness of Murti. The word which comes out is the sound coming out from the Swaminarayana’s Murti. If this greatness is understood, there remains nothing. Getting liberation by doing means is like doing the wage labour and if you take shelter and hand over body, mind, and jiva, getting liberation, will take no time. If you miss this time and this opportunity it will not be fulfilled so do not do ordinary satsang. The magnet attracts iron similarly anadi mukta draws one in Murti. Maharaj is very dear-He cannot be realised by penance, by service, by devotion or innumerable means but today He has become easily available. The happiness, greatness and capacity of Maharaj and muktas cannot be fully understood by anyone. If you know as we are, you may run in the sea if we tell you to do so. Swaminarayana will make one as he knows Him. Such Maharaj and such muktas are nowhere. Since they are here, keep intoxication of theirs. Sriji Maharaj and muktas are as divine as they are in Aksardham. Be the customer of Murti and those who do not become customers are childless (vanzia) without Murti. Sriji Maharaj Himself sits in satsang. Today great muktas take enjoyment in Murti. This is a divine assembly. The association of Sriji Maharaj and His Anadi muktas is at par. Sriji Maharaj moves about in satsang on the horse back. Muktas also move with Him and watch the game of satsang. Today Lord Himself sits in satsang but the sinner and the irreligious do not believe so. This assembly is the door of Aksardham. If you remember Maharaj you will become Sadguru and if you leave Maharaj, nobody will care for you. Sriji Maharaj moves about on the horse back in this satsang and whips those who violate commands. You should know this assembly as divine luminous of Aksardham. Today Sriji Maharaj Himself moves about in satsang. This is not known by the sinner and the devil. He who has become the enjoyer of Murti will enjoy luminescence of Murti, he will not think that he is fulfilled or his hunger is satisfied. Luminescence twinkles from Murti and it creates sound-it is known as pranavnad. Above akshar there is anandghan (boundless joy) which is His luminescence and in it Sriji Maharaj lives along with muktas. Fountain of luminescence emits there and fragrance comes from it. Maharaj has established strong (dharmadhur) path. If one knows this assembly as that of Aksardham, he will get immense happiness. If he gets engrossed in Murti, will not be harmed by three kinds of miseries. Such Lord Swaminarayana and saints cannot be found in infinite cosmoses- today they have met us. Maharaj has given much happiness but jiva cannot enjoy it. I have come to liberate infinite jivas. Maharaj sits in cool and calm Aksardham-we see that with our own eyes. Do not get separated from Murti. I have come to take jiva to Sriji Maharaj so see that my efforts are successful.

Today Lord is available by His favour-He shows favour limitlessly. I have come from Aksardham to fetch you all. We are concerned with only that causal Murti. Luminescence emits from Murti- Murti dwells in that luminescence. Maharaj is only available by His grace and liberate jivas showing His favour. This assembly installs Murti. Sriji Maharaj has not kept anything as main excepting His Murti. If there is feeling as we have feeling for Lord Swaminarayana in other incarnation, the faithfulness will go. Today Sriji Maharaj Himself sits in the centre and muktas sit around Him, so always perceptible. I want to keep all in Murti. In Aksardham there is Lord having two arms. We should know our master who is supreme Lord Swaminarayana having two arms. Maharaj has fulfilled us. All are happy because of that causal Murti. The fruit of all means is Murti. There is happiness, happiness and only happiness in Murti. Luminescence emits like jet from Murti. Endless, limitless happiness is arises from Lord Purusottam’s Murti and it spreads in satsang through the medium of great Anadi muktas. By serving and associating with muktas the fruit in the form of Murti is achieved. Various kinds of endless happiness are there only in Sriji’s Murti. Luminescence emits like jet from Murti. We should keep Murti in the form of chintamani and associate with anadi mukta. At difficult time this mukta is there to help. If you have the association of Maharaj or muktas, believe that you are fulfilled. We have met Maharaj and muktas so there is nothing to worry. The seed of greatness of Maharaj should be brought in all talks. Never do any unnecessary talk excepting Maharaj’s event. Maharaj and Anadi muktas are not separate. If one discards this world and joins Murti, it is called he has changed. This assembly is that of Aksardham. We sit in the centre of Aksardham. To liberate jiva, saints move about with their Tiffin in hand so be theirs. Liberation is at the home of Swaminarayana- nowhere else. Sriji Maharaj gives the assurance of safety to all, so all are happy in satsang. We should keep Murti which is real. Saints are the door of Aksardham and Maharaj gives happiness through them. We should keep the causal Murti. To know Maharaj as He is, is a great thing. Various kinds of fragrance emits from Murti. Anadi takes happiness of every pore by remaining engrossed. Mahaprabhu who is liberator (bountiful) has come. If one gets Murti, he has got everything. We should keep only Swaminarayana. The Master constantly sits in satsang. I do not see anything else excepting Murti. Today muktas have come to give darsan by (becoming cheap) their grace. If you can find out from any cosmos such Sriji Maharaj and muktas, I will give you a prize but it is impossible to get-they are in satsang. Today Sriji Maharaj sits in satsang. It is not a small thing that such Maharaj and His Anadis give darsan in this assembly. At this time nectar is given in big quantity- who will be left out in such opportunity! Who is going to keep aside happiness of this divine assembly! Luminescence emits like jet from Murti. We are great because of Sriji Maharaj and muktas. Maharaj has decided to fill infinite warships. His muktas have the same work. This time Maharaj has made very easy the achievement of liberation. The capacity of Maharaj is very much, the doors of liberation have been kept open in every village. Everything has become divine for him who has realised Maharaj. It is the sankalpa of Maharaj that whosoever comes in His sight will not be left, His Anadis have also only that work. The devotee of Lord wants only God. He should have His joy and His pride. If we keep only Lord Purusottam and His Anadis we do not see anything else-there will be joy and joy. If one gets separated from Murti he will not get victory in satsang. Anadi muktas dwelling in Murti draw jivas forcibly by a khampali (a kind of tool used for collecting grass).We should keep only Swaminarayana having tassel in the turban. If He is with us, it is enough. At my place this is only business. Do not do any other business. This assembly is like that of Aksardham, because great Anadi is sitting in this assembly. There are thousands of muktas in satsang to assist. Maharaj has given aid to satsang. He is king of kings of infinite cosmoses. Fragrance comes from Purusottamnarayana’s Murti and that fragrance attracts muktas, and make them engrossed in Murti is the experiential knowledge. Everything is there at the place of Swaminarayana. Maharaj has called this assembly as the door of Aksardham. It is very difficult to recognise Anadis. This assembly is that of Aksardham should not be disturbed. Here are Maharaj and Anadi-they are perceptible, luminous fountains emit like twinkling star. We should stick to Maharaj and His muktas. My principle is Murti and muktas-nothing else. Murti is like chintamani, kalpataru very dear and great muktas know its value-it is not the work of ordinary person. Maharaj and great muktas do good sankalpa even for the wicked jiva. The real Jeweller knew the value of such diamond. Anadi muktas knew the real greatness of Maharaj. God has heaps and heaps of happiness and if we ask for it, we are called fools. Never know Maharaj and great Anadis far and we also should not be away. We should not keep any other resolution than that of Murti. If one sees mass of luminescence he should see Murti in it- stick to it but do not see it without Murti by thinking happiness to be in luminescence. Today Lord Swaminarayana and His muktas have shown much favour. In such divine assembly we should ask for donation of liberation. Divine happiness comes from Murti. Maharaj and Anadi muktas are one and the same. In satsang there are lacs of human being and i.e. because of Sriji Maharaj and great Anadis. Crores of people have become happy in the association of great muktas. We are in the kingdom of Purusottamnarayana- the Master of Aksardham. We have got the Master like Purusottamnarayana who is immortal- know thus and be joyous in the sea of joy. Great muktas do not remain separate for a moment from Maharaj. Muktas are beloved of Lord Purusottam. I do not want to leave anyone- want to take them to the happiness of Murti. Remain happy under the shelter of Maharaj and muktas. In the mass of luminescence there is Sriji Maharaj. The whole cosmos has become full by the assembly of muktas in all direction. There are circles of luminescence. All muktas have sat where there is Murti. This is divine assembly. Do not live alone leaving it. Since Maharaj and great Anadi muktas have met, it is a sign of victory. We should keep our head in the lap of Maharaj and muktas. Murti is got by the sankalpa of Anadi. Maharaj is in the place of sovereign. The real greatness lies in Murti. Maharaj is such that a paras becomes from another paras (philosopher stone). This is the sea of happiness. I give such blessing that the whole satsang goes to God and all get mixed in the row of Anadi. The dead body will not look good at the place of Swaminarayana. Even incarnations prostrate to great Anadi. Organs of Anadi are as much as that of God. Luminous Murti twinkles-all muktas live in it. This time Maharaj says that He will not see whether he is worthy or unworthy, I have come to give the assurance of safety (related to liberation) to infinite jivas. We have got causal Murti Sriji Maharaj. This assembly belongs to Lord Swaminarayana. Great work is being done in this assembly. What to talk of Anadi? They have nothing else excepting Murti. Maharaj constantly sits in this assembly. There is no other God like Him in infinite cosmoses. Today giver of liberation has come. Maharaj and muktas are available by their favour. It is in the hands of Maharaj and great muktas to fulfil us. This is the real thing which we have got in hand. If we give it up, we will be nowhere. Sriji Maharaj has come with His divine companions. We have got happiness of perceptible (vyatirek) Murti of Maharaj Himself. All the devotees are taking meals (happiness) which is all divine happiness of Aksardham, who serves and who gives happiness- see it. This divine mukta and divine Maharaj – all have got together. Sriji Maharaj has kept open the doors of Aksardham at this time for the ultimate liberation. Know much about the greatness of Anadi muktas because their incarnation is for the liberation of infinite jivas. In every Muni there are groups of many Munis- this mukta is such dear. Sriji Maharaj has made them easily available. They are echoes of Maharaj. Muktas are there for the service of Maharaj. They are the enjoyers of abundant juice. It is not possible to measure the mercy of Maharaj. Ocean of nectar is poured –come someone, come someone! This time Maharaj has started charity of liberation. This time Maharaj has thrown a net whosoever comes in sight is fulfilled. Maharaj has said thus, ‘There is no difference even of pore between this Murti and Murti of Aksardham. Swaminarayana is all in all. He is stable (firm), eternal and birthless and the supreme of all. We are concerned with happiness of cause, its assembly, its luminescence and its power. Remembering anything else excepting Maharaj is like wasting time so we have to keep only Murti. Maharaj gives darsan in the twinkling luminescence. Once your sight becomes divine, here He is. The place of limitless happiness is Mahaprabhu. We do not have share anywhere excepting Maharaj and muktas, and there is no place other than these two where you get peace. Maharaj says that He has come to liberate infinite jivas so charity has been started for liberation. It is the only work of the causal Murti. This is the time of realising Sriji Maharaj. Mahaprabhu has come showing His pity. Only Sriji Maharaj is the sea of happiness. Maharaj and His AnadiMuktas are always together. If they are seen as they are, one will become mad. In the present time Sriji Maharaj and great Anadis are easily available. This is all, the garden of flowers of Swaminarayana. The divine aeroplane in the form of the saint-devotee flies up to Aksardham. It settles directly in Murti. The beauty of Maharaj is only worth seeing for us. Elsewhere, only ash flies, excepting Murti. God is only Purusottam Sri Swaminarayana-there is not any other God excepting Him. Maharaj and Maharaj’s Anadi muktas are so capable they can send to Aksardham by only one sankalpa. Such anadi mukta taking joy in Murti and jiva is too unworthy that it cannot sit even in their shoes, welcome us and say sit here by showing their mercy. Thus all doors of Aksardham have been kept open. Today it is really the season autumn, where do these talks come from? They come from Murti. We should listen to the talks of muktas as the chakor bird. Where can you find a person who can call Anadis as beloved of Purusottam? Here He is at this time. We have assembled only for Sriji Maharaj. I do not want anyone to go elsewhere-want to keep them directly in Murti in Aksardham-many have been put. The capable Master has held our hand and He is not such that He would leave it. This is assurance of safety –it is the last assurance. We have got compassionate person. The utmost happiness is Murti-stick to that causal Murti. Fragrance emits from Purusottamnarayan’s Murti. He who comes out of Murti does not get happiness. The knowledge other than that of Murti belongs to Prakrti. Fountains of happiness emit from Murti. Jump over all other heads and reach Purusottamnarayana. Lord Swaminarayana constantly sits in satsang. What a great ignorance if he is not afraid of Him. If commands of Maharaj are violated –know that it is unnatural death. The happiness lies only under the shelter of Murti and great Anadi muktas. Anadi muktas of Maharaj are so capable that they can give happiness of Murti to crores of persons. As Maharaj and Anadi muktas have held our hand, they will never leave it. Since we have met Maharaj and great muktas it means the sign of victory. If it remains thus, at the time of death it is well and good. Murti is realised at this time. It is not possible to happen thus even after millions of births. There will be a tremendous joy that we may lose our body by jumping but it is not understood by us. The miracle of Sriji Maharaj is very big. If one gets proper knowledge of Murti and assembly in Aksardham, he is not away even an atom. This time a real thing has been got. Such muktas are nowhere in any cosmos. Infinite muktas are with Sriji Maharaj. Both Maharaj and assembly are from time immemorial. Nobody can find the bound of greatness of Maharaj. The king of infinite kings sits within. Do not get the mind attracted elsewhere leaving aside that God. There are only Maharaj and muktas in Aksardham. The happiness of Murti is boundless and even anadi muktas do not find bound of it. The incarnation of Sriji Maharaj is only by His favour and His anadi mukta whom we have got are also there by their favour. Know Maharaj as supreme. No one else has command in his hand. In my view the real thing is Swaminarayana’s Murti. There is divine, limitless and abundant happiness in Murti. Boundless luminescence emits from Murti-emits like jet, emits in infinite quantity. There is mass of luminescence on all four sides of Murti and everywhere. Rays of luminescence come out facing each other, there are heaps of infinite luminescence-it is boundless. In such divine Murti infinite anadi muktas remaining engrossed appears here by the sankalpa of Purusottam. Purusottamnarayana is the king of kings of millions of cosmos. The whole life may pass away but nothing can be achieved without keeping Murti. Do not remain even for a moment without Murti. The power of Maharaj is very much- what cannot be done by that power? Today Maharaj and muktas make all happy- such happiness is nowhere else excepting at the place of God Swaminarayana. We should keep constantly that immortal bridegroom. There is only happiness in Murti. That happiness is only known to him who has become the examiner. Today the happiness of Mahaprabhu is easily available. The experiential knowledge of Murti emits like fountain. Bring often the seed of Murti in all talks. If one comes out of Murti, he gets beating. If he remains in the favour of anadi mukta, he will be taken in the happiness of that Murti. If the dust of this assembly is put on head by someone his sins of infinite births will be burnt. The jets of happiness emit from Murti. Maharaj and muktas are our succours. The happiness emits like fountain from the twinkling Murti. Anadi muktas take happiness of Murti and spread it in satsang and shower it. We should break fast by the happiness of Murti. We should always have meals of happiness. Sriji Maharaj is the abode of all happiness. Various kinds of new and new happiness come from Murti. The whole satsang should be known divine by us. This assembly is that of Aksardham. Anadi muktas take nectar in the form of happiness of Murti.-bathe in nectar and perform yajna of nectar. Ultimately we have to get happiness. Never come out of this divine assembly and Maharaj. Sriji Maharaj is the king of kings of infinite cosmoses. He is the cause of all, doer of everything, controller of all, supreme mysterious Murti. Others may be, knowing anything, but I know only Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana. I have no any other resolution than that of Murti- I want to keep all in Murti. Believe me, thus we all sit with the whole assembly will sit in Aksardham-thus and thus. Both, Maharaj and this assembly only are beneficial. Today Mahaprabhu has shown much favour, how great Maharaj and His anadi mukta! This is very big thing. We have got such Maharaj and such anadi mukta and in such opportunity we should not be losers. I remain always engrossed in Murti and Swaminarayana is the witness of it. This assembly is ancient. Maharaj’s nectar sight is on us. The person who is satsangi requiring money, etc. in his bed need which is always fulfilled and requiring treasure i.e. liberation at an appropriate time is available only by the grace of Sriji Maharaj. This time Maharaj has left no stone unturned in giving happiness of any kind. I give only Murti. Maharaj has spread happiness equivalent to Aksardham, by giving darsan in this world. Sriji Maharaj is bountiful so He does not take into account mistakes and guilt of jiva-such merciful He is. If such talk is believed sincerely, one will become grateful. Sriji Maharaj has taken our hand in His hand so He is not such that He will leave it but it is our duty not to get separated from Murti because of our self ego. Luminescence emits in large quantity from Murti. Whatever luminous is there in infinite cosmoses is because of Maharaj’s luminescence. We have got much benefit of achievement of Murti but if there is no understanding, the regret will not be overcome. Now we should make Maharaj and great anadi mukta as our real life form. The big opportunity has come. The gist of all gist is, Murti. I am anadi mukta i.e. incarnation of incarnate Lord Swaminarayana. My resolution is to give only Murti. This time Sriji Maharaj has made salvation very easy but the unfortunate jiva does not recognise it. So it does not get the benefit. If jiva recognises Maharaj or His muktas may liberate in a moment. My sight is such that whosoever comes in sight does his good and put him in Murti immediately. Infinite muktas take joy in Murti. The assembly which is sitting around is all luminous. Mass of happiness of Murti rain in the assembly. This assembly is divine luminous. Luminescence emits like jet from this divine assembly. Find out, if you can, such saints and such divine assembly from infinite cosmoses. The sankalpas of this assembly work. This time many have been benefited. What to talk of the Master of infinite cosmoses and what to say about such wretched jivas. If such divine feeling comes one would be mad with joy. What is the gain of remaining engrossed in activity forgetting Murti! The state of Anadi can be achieved through Anadi but nothing can be achieved without them. Maharaj keeps us in His Murti only by His grace. The staunch followers of Mahaprabhu are proud of the power of Murti. I only see that if anyone folds hands I will soon make him fulfilled means take him to happiness of Murti. Those who are very fortunate have darsan of Sriji Maharaj and this assembly. Today liberation is like cash payment-no question of (credit) delayed payment. We should keep Murti chiefly then we will be happy otherwise there is no possibility of ultimate liberation even by doing millions of means. If one has the knowledge of Maharaj and great muktas, he will have constant memory, will not forget Murti. These are all Murtis of Brahma. There is much happiness at our place. He who gets happiness of Murti and understands the greatness of great muktas will be full of joy. One got such supreme Maharaj, such Anadi muktas, such saints, even then they are not recognised what benefit he will get? We should drink sweet juice in the form of happiness of Murti. One should not waste time in the activity of Prakrti by leaving juice of nectar. I have decided to keep all in Murti. This assembly is divine and do not have human feeling for it. This is very wonderful achievement. I have to make all happy in the happiness of Murti. If you know Maharaj as much as you can even then Maharaj is boundless for all. There is much to be understood about greatness but if I tell it as it is, one will not be able to catch (bear) it. Streams of happiness come from Murti. This assembly is that of Lord Purusottam, so it is everywhere. One should constantly remain joined in Murti and always behave as such.

In this way the description of the divine power of Murti, state of anadi mukta and bliss used to come in talks of Bapasri on every occasion. By such talks about divine miraculous Murti leading to realisation many saints and devotees became happy in the happiness of Murti and till today they are becoming so. || 152 ||