In Samvat year 1966, Bapasri along with the group (sangh) of Kutch had come to Amdavad on the occasion of Dev Diwali festival (samayia). From there, while going to Dabhan via Jetalpur Bapasri gave darsan to Dahyabhai in Navagam at half past two in the night. Dahyabhai prostrated and asked Bapasri where Swami Isvarcharanadasji was. Bapasri gave him darsan of Swami Isvarcharanadasji as per his wish. Then he went to Vaḍtal via Dabhan and lodged in a farm (vadi). There Bapubhai of Kanotar did Pradakṣina (going round and round in circle) for the whole night and guarded. In the morning Bapasri pleasingly told him to ask for a boon. I could give what ever you ask for he could ask for anything. He requested Bapasri to visit Kanotar along with group. Bapasri told him that he along with that group would come to his village after two months. After two days Bapasri, etc. started by a special train and on the way to Amdavad he gave divine darsan at the Nadiad station to a Muslim boy, so the boy took off his cap, prostrated and requested Bapasri for his good and said he was his (Bapasri) slave thus he started praying. A Brahmana boy was standing near him. He said to him in angry tone what he was looking- asked him to prostrate so that he would be benefited, but the boy did not bow. He got angry and told him why he had become Brahman and quarrelled with him. Then train started and all came to Amdavad, and from there came to Kutch. Then after two months Bapasri along with group (sangh) gave darsan to Bapubhai in Kanotar and fetched him. || 23 ||