On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 12th, the 33rd Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, there is a talk describing three ways of surrendering i.e. dullness (muddhpanu), love and knowledge in the person with such attributes should surrender to Maharaj. Then Bapashri said when one does not know about his dealings with this world it is said to be real dullness (muddhpanu). After saying this Bapashri asked Somabhakta of Amdavad whether he had dullness. Somabhai agreed and said that he had dullness. Then Bapashri further asked him whether he knew how much salary he got. Somabhai replied he knew it. Then Bapashri said that when others keep care of your body and dealing, Kala bhakta of Kundal did not know which was the east and which was west -this is the real dullness. The characteristic of love is that one has love only in Maharaj and Muktas and not elsewhere. Love for someone can be identified but dullness cannot be identified. It is like Bhojabhakta, he did not knew if someone died, Nagjibhai of Patdi went to Kakarwadi to bathe and missed the track and went to the well of Zinabhai near Baldevswar Mahadev and asked from which way he should go to Kakarwadi. Then devotees took him there. He is like the one who does not have the knowledge of east or west, it is said to be dullness. There was a Kalyanbhakta at this place. Acharya Shri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj came from Amdavad and he called him as Swaminarayan but he did not know that he is Acharya Maharaj, it is called dullness. Therefore developing characteristic of love is easier. Then he said that today this Muktas behaves in a friendly manner so you are taking a joy of talking, sitting, question-answer, etc. This kind of joy is not possible if nature is strict like that of Shri Nityanand Swami and Shri Nirgundasji Swami and also it will be difficult to ask question. Today we behave in friendly manner to give you happiness. This place where assembly sits is also holy, and when we will disappear, and there after also, if someone will do darshan at this place, he will remember this assembly, thoughts will disappear and if meditate, he will get bliss of Murti, and passion, anger, pride etc. will all disappear and wherever he sees, he will see Murti-such is the greatness of this place. So we should try to please such Mukta and should behave according to our dictum after knowing it. Great Muktas lived in forest and to such a distance even the noise of dogs barking would not reach their ears. And would not sit under the shadow of a tree and would not care if bitten by bee or mosquito and when they went to beg for food and clothes some times they would get and some times they will not-such was their life. We should also try to live like this. This is Vachanamrut-they are like Chintamani and Kalpataru and there is same talk, the reference of which is given. We were talking about ignoring five objects-it is the same talk. The pleasure of Shriji Maharaj will make us dislike five objects. And he is pleased by our own efforts then he graces. Therefore there is no way out accepting to ignore five objects whether after number of birth but it has to be ignored. If not ignored there will be prison of nine months and will have to remain up side down in the womb of mother and will have to beare with abscess, excrement, urine, etc and there will not be fresh air-such will be misery. If saffron clothes have to be given up and have to wear white clothes, it will be a question of prestige and if one has to take rebirth after death, prestige will not be harmed. What kind of understanding is it? After associating with Muktas, if their commands are not obeyed and attracted by activities of illusion, it is said that he betrayed Muktas because others will say that though he is associated with Muktas he is not behaving accordingly- this means it is criticism of Muktas and for this criticism, he will be responsible for sin. Therefore these two things should not be allowed. One should behave according to the norms of Nishkamsuddhi and Dharmamrut and it should not be changed at all. Shriji Maharaj has asked not to keep even vassal of metal and for His bath he has given wooden vassal viz kathari and katora. Saints have been given for wooden vassal (dish) for taking food. No other vassel should be used and should not be victim of illusion (maya). We should remain as pure as gold then only Maharaj and I will be pleased and will be with you. Never come in contact with illusion. It should be shown our back (i.e. it should be ignored), do not see towards it. Prasadi of Shriji also be taken of dust of His feet, or of stone or wood but should not desire the prasadi of food or drink. Desire for prasadi of food is fascination of illusion , the prasadi of dust of His feet is better than that. Therefore that prasadi should be taken. Prasadi of food should be taken understanding its importance but not for the sake of taste. Just as we should not have any attachment in the activity of Prakrutipurush and his luxury. Similarly, we should give up attachment for supremacy of Brahmakoti and Aksharkoti and also their happiness and ultimately the luminescence of Shriji Maharaj which is Akshardham should not be considered as giving happiness. Happiness should be believed only in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and should develop love for it. Then only Shriji and Muktas will be pleased and show their favour and will make as equivalent to them. || 168 ||