On the day of Bhadarva Vad 13th, Bapasri showing his favour talked in the temple of Bharasar. He said, “I had gone to Amdavad taking with me a group of saints and devotees. There learned saint said that Maharaj was like Prakrti-Purusa. He left behind Mahakal, Narnarayana, Vasudevbrahma and Mul-Aksar and he called Maharaj as Prakrti-Purusa. I told him that learned persons like you describe Maharaj up to maya but do not understand beyond that. Therefore, I am afraid of the learned. Maharaj is out of reach for the learned. We consider that Lord Swaminarayana dwells in luminous form of Aksardham which is beyond Mul-Aksar, we should remain engrossed in it. This is the bag of sugar and do not take it as salt. Jiva has tired by continuously seeing the work of Prakrti. If it gets attached to Maharaj, it will be more than enough. You have come near Maharaj by leaving Prakrti, etc. and coming out of Mul-Aksar. The one who got attached to Murti will not remember anything and will not like anything. It is called experiential knowledge. Just as we throw away a counterfeit coin, similarly if one makes Prakrti, etc. false, what is the use of it? No use. This association and time is good. If I take you somewhere in the forest, what will you do?” The saints said, “We will remain in Murti along with you.” Bapasri said, “Thousands of years may pass away but we cannot come out of that happiness and cannot be fulfilled. One cannot be happy without getting attached to Murti.”

Ratilal Karunasankar of Jamnagar asked, “Is there any empty place in Murti to move about?” Bapasri said, “There is nothing like to move about in Murti. It is as it is and it includes assembly. Those who are inside see, Maharaj and muktas seeing each other. Those outside do not see it.” After this talk, Bapasri said, “I want to go now. What about you?” At that Swami said, “The devotees will delay your departure today.” Bapasri said, “If they do so, I have no objection. I move about for liberating jivas and whosoever comes will be kept in Murti. If any ignorant finds fault in me, what to do of him?” Swami said, “Is it possible to stop the work of liberation because of it? The one who finds a fault will suffer and the one who is for salvation will come in the bliss of Murti.” Bapasri said, “How will it be, if four of us go on foot?” Swami Vrndavandasji and I can walk but you (Swami Isvarcharanadasji) and Swami Ghansyamjivandasji cannot walk.” Thus by making a joke, Bapasri cancelled going. || 18 ||