On the day of Fagan Sud 3rd, the 61st Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, there was a topic about rules, determination and keeping side with the sect. Then Bapashri said, “The devotee of God should be favoured even though we get wounded or there may be danger of death. Kathi of Gundali village favoured a devotee till his death so he was liberated. To keep side with someone, rule and determination, all three are equal, so if the devotee of God is in trouble he should be protected and if the sinner troubles him, the sinner should be considered as an enemy and satsangi should be favoured knowing him as from our own gotra. If devotee is favoured in a dispute till one faces death then in that case favouring is greater than rule and determination. We are sons of the same father so we should side with satsang and more than that if one sides with one who is attached to Shriji Maharaj’s Murti, even if one has to sacrifice his life, one will get ultimate liberation. The dead body should not be decorated means if anyone does not obey vows of vartman even if he is either mother, father, son, or daughter, should not be sided with. A devotee sided with his son so he had to suffer the punishment of prison, so the one who does not have vartman should not be kept together and even his company should be avoided. There are many benefits by siding with a devotee. Muktas should follow the religion and make others follow it, to side with the one who follows the religion. Shriji is very much pleased in keeping side with. One should not keep intricacy with the devotee of God. Teenagers throw dust and do the action of beating with shoes against the stormy wind and the wind gives some relief because its knots becomes loose by dust. Similarly if we do not give up grudge against devotee of God, Shriji Maharaj punishes so we should not keep grudge against anyone. If it is made by Shriji or His devotees give up, soon it should be given up. But we should not act in the way Prajapati Daksha acted and he was punished by Shiv’s ganas (his followers) and ultimately Shiv put the head of a goat in place of Daksha’s head and then only he gave up grudge against Shiv- we should not do like that. If one installs Shriji Maharaj in the soul without any attributes, his faults will go away. They all are attributes of illusion (maya). The real devotee is one who separates himself from illusion. Until you are in the shadow of Prakruti, passion cannot be avoided-if Murti is installed, illusion will be destroyed. Just as the heat of the sun is avoided by the shadow of the tree, similarly by associating with Murti illusion is destroyed and he gets cool and quiet bliss of Murti. If one keeps Maharaj and Muktas with him, Shriji and Muktas give treasure in the form of happiness to their devotees, just as father gives his treasure to his son. Here the talk was completed.

Then Vachanamrut was being read. While reading, he came to the 62nd Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada. In it, the reference was made about the question asked by Shri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj and Shri Raghuvirji Maharaj. Then Bapashri said, “Great Sadgurus had taught to both of them how to ask question. Bapashri asked saint, to tell him, what type of preaching is given today to Acharyas by saints. Then saints said that today there is no such tendency so how they could be taught. Then Bapashri replied that Shriji Maharaj had throned first two Acharyas who were brought with Him from His Akshardham. They made satsang happy in the same way as Shriji Maharaj did. Now it is not possible for such happiness. || 157 ||