On the night of Vaishkh Vad 7th Bapashri, showing his favour talked. He said, “Rivers, ponds, sea, are all receptacles for water and the sea is the best receptacle among all. When one becomes receptacle like sea Murti of Maharaj will seen by him. Just as a generator generates electricity with the help of steam from steam turbine and lamps are lighted. When the generator is switched off the light of lamps goes away. According to this example, in place of the generator there is Murti of Mahaprabuji, in place of steam there is bliss of Shriji Maharaj and in the place lamps there are Muktas. Just as the lamps give light similarly Muktas take bliss of Maharaj and give it to jivas. Without Muktas the bliss of Mahaprabhuji can not be had directly even though innumerable means are tried. This bliss is also given according to the worthiness of the receiver and if the receiver is not worthy, His bliss goes back to Maharaj just the light of lamp goes back to the generator. One more example just as the flash of lightning goes back to the sky in the cluster of clouds after coming to the earth so also with the worthiness of the receiver. Maharaj gives bliss through the medium of Muktas and He Himself remains as non-doer. Even then without the desire of Maharaj no Mukta will be able to give virtues of Maharaj, knowledge or Murti. Only that Mukta who is here by Shriji Maharaj’s thought, and whom Shriji Maharaj has given His key of bliss, does as much as Shriji Maharaj. Because it is the wish of Shriji Maharaj and he has come on behalf of Shriji Maharaj and the basic wish is to give liberation. His second wish is to create universe through the medium of Mul-Akshar and give body to soul. Then these souls get attached to Muktas and come to Maharaj- it is the second thought. In spite of all this He Himself remains non-doer and principally keeps Muktas as doers of welfare. Giving the fruits of actions to Jivkoti, and supernatural powers to Ishwarkoti, Brahmkoti and Aksharkoti, He does through His luminescence, and creation etc. He gets it done through Mul-Akshar and those Akshars inspire Brahm and the activity of sustenance He gets done through Vasudevbrahm, and activity of creation He gets through Mul-Purush and the activity of destruction he gets done through Mahakal. Thus He gets it done but He remains above all these activities. Just as when any one dies people will say that he died of fever or by some other diseases but nobody will say that God killed him therefore Maharaj remains non-doer of action, though He does everything. Similarly He gets the task of welfare of souls done through Muktas and He only gives the bliss of His Murti to Muktas. So we must have need of Muktas for welfare. Moreover, meditation is not realized without the help of Muktas. If Muktas are pleased and help us, they will give us bliss of Murti easily. If there is full faith in Muktas and their greatness is known fully, they make their presence and do our work whenever remembered. If an ordinary devotee comes in contact with Muktas, he does not get their bliss during the talk. Just as the example of lightning was given previously. Therefore be worthy and to become worthy, he should leave aside all that he likes and behave straightforwardly according to the wish of Muktas. Then he will soon become worthy. Just as mango trees and other trees are watered, they give fruits. Similarly by serving and getting attached to Muktas the fruits in the form of Maharaj can be had. Sick persons come to meet Muktas and healthy persons also come but the sick persons get more fruits, because though they are weak in health they come so Muktas are very much pleased. For example if a multiillionaire gives thousand rupees in donation and poor man gives only a rupee, the donation of both is at par.” || 13 ||