On the morning of Posh Sud 1st, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in assembly. He said, “If a devotee prays God for avoiding the fault which disturbs him in meditation, is it or not called ‘Sakam‘ (bearing fruit)? Bapashri replied, “It is not called ‘Sakam‘. Then he said you are all incarnations of Shriji, are not you?” Saint said that, if he said so, they are. Bapashri said, “If you have become incarnations, liberate infinite Jivas. If the face is that of tiger and in reality he is not, he will not get happiness and he is called barren. He thinks there is happiness without Murti and asks for sons, daughters, wife and wealth but there is no happiness in it. Then saint said, if one has sons they perform rituals of ‘Shradh‘ after his death. Bapashri said, “Real Shradh is of Narayanji.” Therefore, when it is the time of Shriji Maharaj’s Shradh all Shradhs are included in it. The senses of taste is very bad and it has no importance- the devotee asks why are his thoughts not avoided? How they can be avoided. If he eats loaves of Math (Name of pulse) and pulse of Math, no thoughts will disturb him. Iswarbava got Mug in our Yagna. He said Math creates a problem of digestion. Then Bapashri said, “Had given a burden of infinite cosmos on Adaji so he could not get up. When he was made eagle, he flew and reached Kala Tere (name of place) within a minute. (He had thrown pebble on Maharaj and his death due to pebble.) In the meanwhile devotee Vitthalbhakta of Ghatila came and greeted with Jay Swaminarayan. Bapashri enquired, “All devotees of Ghatila are happy. They are very good, faithful and pure. So, I am very much pleased. They had taken much benefit. Are they still the same?” The devotee said, “Bapa, you blessed us that the pond of the village will be full and immediately the water flowed in the pond- you have shown such power. This year the crop is very good. So, all know your greatness. All devotees insist that once again you must come there and give your darshan so that innumerable Jivas will be benefited. When you come there, you will be taken round the village in palanquin. A temple has been reconstructed so come there to make it Prasadi, thus he prayed. Bapashri said, “I do not need any honour or importance. Since you say, think that I am already there. You associate with such Saint so that there will be no obstacle in salvation. In every saint, there is group of several Munis. Associate with such a saint, get attached to them and serve them- so that your life will be worth living. I was roaming about in Bhavnagar and other places and from there came to Ghatila. Some said that they were pleased to having my Darshan, some said they were pleased because they offered me dinner, and some said they were pleased by Prasadi, some said they were pleased because their homes were graced by me, thus all were very much pleased. Try to remain in the same way. I have to liberate even wretched Jiva. If you want to avoid illusion (maya), do not forget me and Maharaj. Do not associate with him who tries to disassociate from us. If you associate with such person, it will happen as Barsaheb killing a tiger. When he went near the tiger, the tiger got up and killed Barsaheb. || 248 ||