On the day of Vaishakh Vad 30th, Bapashri talked from the same place on the first floor above the gate of the temple. He asked Mistry Dahyabhai of Sinogara whether he was ready or not, he was to be taken to Akshardham. He told Bapashri that he wanted to live for three years so if you keep me for three years, it will be well and good. Then Bapashri told him to be ready after three years otherwise he would not be given more time. Bapashri said that he would take him after three years from today. Had you been free I would have taken you now but you are not free, means you have not broken the bonds of illusion so three years time limit is extended for you. But after three years if you do not overcome passion I will not allow you to live. Then Dahyabhai said he would be free after three years and then Bapashri could take him. Thus, Bapashri gave him three years more though his life span was over and then Bapashri took him to Akshardham. || 181 ||