On the morning of Posh Sud 5th, the 7th Vachanamrut of Loya was being read in the temple of Viramgam. In it, it is said that one should understand that Murti in Akshardham, human form and idol one are all the same. A saint asked, “If he gets darshan without knowing Him in human form, he is liberated after several births. Similarly the same liberation he gets by the darshan of idol?” Bapashri said, “By the darshan of idol, the same liberation will be achieved by him. He will get ultimate liberation during this birth itself provided he takes the darshan by knowing the greatness of the idol. When he becomes tranquil (upashana), he will be detached from the outside world and continues to do all activities. Parvatbhai used to do all activities of the farm but he would constantly keep Maharaj’s Murti. Absolute trance (Nirvikalpa) is beneficial for many Jivas and it is the trance of Akshardham. Wavering trance (Savikalpa) shows miracles but it is not as much beneficial as absolute trance. God is always there with him who is in the state of tranquility. If he has such trust, he will be benefited. Moreover if the water with which such person has taken bath falls on us, our five great sins will be burnt. Great saints make the water holy. The one who bathes in the water, in which Shriji Maharaj or great saints have taken bath, becomes pure. The five great sins viz. illegal relationship with guru’s wife, murder of a child, murder of a brahmin, murder of a woman will be burnt by the grace of great saints. Such is the importance of the water in which great saints have taken bath. There are many kinds of liberation but this gives the ultimate liberation. Some do not have knowledge of liberation. One Brahmin asked for liberation of body. Such Maharaj and such saint like you can give ultimate liberation. The first step of worship or devotion is shravan bhakti (hearing), then there love- oriented devotion. Bapashri quoted an example of Amrabhakta. Amrabhakta was in the court of a king. He used to say Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan, often before the king but would not keep his respect. When there is such love oriented devotion, it is called the real devotion and would become cause of ultimate liberation. Therefore, firstly there should be determination. Bapashri quoted an example of woodcutter. Maharaj and saint have met today but do not think that they would meet, welcome, sit in front, all these I say in both senses- in the sense of physical world (Avarbhav) and in the Akshardham (Parbhav). Unless this sense is understood, the cycle of birth and death cannot be avoided. In Ghadhda, great saints were considering saints and devotees sitting behind in back row as inferior to them. Then Maharaj showed mass of luminescence from saints and devotees sitting behind great saints. When they asked Maharaj what it was. Maharaj told them that they were having the feelings of physical world and whereas sitting behind of them were Siddha Muktas (Realized). Then they kept their bound and know that they were all Muktas and they themselves were the seekers so they were sitting in the front in the sense of physical world. Jiva has love for activity. That activity beneficial but it is meant for wretched and passionate jiva. ‘sau ne vas karu re sau no prerak hu Bhagvan‘ (I attract all and inspire of all). Then Bapashri said he knows ‘sarve karan na karan jivan janu chhu‘ (I know you as the cause of all causes). Then gave the meaning that the other cause is saints and their cause is Maharaj. If he makes our heart cool, he must be cause. Just as water comes out from the train is hot and burns us. Where as the rainwater cools us. This water gives life to all jivas. Similarly, saint should be known as such. Every one should examine himself and try to find out who am I and where have I come from. He may be wearing the attire of renouncer but has not kept Maharaj, he will also spoil other. What it means if he has worn saffron clothes. When Jivatma (soul) becomes saffron and get attached to Mahaprabhuji, it is true renunciation. He should not get attached anywhere excepting to Murti and should not care for any kind of taste. When Morarbhai was their in this town, there were only five to seven devotees and today there are many. So that work has increased. If Maharaj is forgotten in the process, the work will become false. In the Samvat 1918, an assembly was held at Gangasar pond and talks of only heavenly abode have done by me. Our group was very large and today when the work has increased, there are many satsangi. The goal should be of the cause. There is much difference between the work and cause. The one who is having the goal of the cause should join the cause and who is not concerned with cause would like to see miracles- what of it? Such miracles are shown in Kamru region. Therefore, one should not desire to see that. One should desire and insist to join Murti. If he has joined the cause (the goal), he will not become unsteady even if Brahma tries to make him unsteady. He may order Brahma to go away and he would go away and would do as he is told and if the cause (goal) is not known he may become unsteady if somebody makes him unsteady in his determination. We should keep ‘Gyan’ parlay (melting of False Knowledge). The one who behaves in the human feeling (avarbhav) in this world, How can he be in Akshardham (Parbhav). Saying so Bapashri said, “It may take thousands of years (Kalp) In taking darshan in Akshardham, whereas here, when we close eyes there is nothing and when you open it everything appears- this much is in the illusive feeling on other side there is much knowledge in the feelings of Heavenly abode (Parbhav). All Muktas are in the human form (sakar) and are engrossed in Murti and have all knowledge. The devotee may see them as he wishes to see them. There is no bodily feeling in becoming happy in the happiness of Maharaj’s Murti. After giving up the work Prakruti, there will be feeling of heavenly abode (parbhav) and there experience knowledge draws- just as water draws us when we go in the deep water. Shriji Maharaj and Anadi have grace the audience. Here sits Adi before you, provided you know him as Anadi. In this assembly, I am getting the darshan of Mukta- Anand Swami. When such experience knowledge is there, there will be happiness.

The 7th Vachanamrut of Amdavad was being read. In it, it is said that even eagle could fly. Bapashri said, “The eagle stopped. Then Maharaj flew He would not wait for it. Then Bapashri told Saints, ‘Oh Maharaj! When we join that master, such state will be achieved. When you do what Maharaj and saint like, you will get experience knowledge and then only it will be possible to get engrossed in Murti. Here he, the giver of experience knowledge sits. He also draws us in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. Then he said if we do not act according to Muktas wish and act according to our wish, it is a defect. You will not find in any Brahmand (Cosmos), this saint and Maharaj. The wretched jivas do not understand their greatness and criticize them and say that they were not doing good but I have come to liberate innumerable jivas. Today you have met God and saints so control your senses, which are difficult to control-, control them and get attached to Murti. Jivatma (soul) dwells in ‘Manomay Chakra’ (Mental Chakra) which has one dodi having seven layers (This is the language of yoga). Soul is like spark of fire and in supreme being, i.e. Lord dwells in it. It grows in the light of Shriji Maharaj. Jivatma has been affected by bad company but it was pure and it has become pure. He may be having the power of penance, dharma and renunciation but they are of no use if he has no trust in God and his saints. We have got the opportunity. When one goes to the market, one constantly remembers Murti, where as others sees beauty. We should keep the company of Shriji Maharaj, this assembly and saints. If they are forgotten, inanimate and animate illusion will take our hold. Therefore, householder should be passionless, then only he will be happy. If he becomes pure, Maharaj will dwell in him. The time and opportunity are good. If we increase illusion (Maya) instead decreasing it, he gets entangled in it. We should recognize Akshardham’s assembly and give up illusion. They are said to be good but their acts are shameful but they are not call satsangi. Satsangi should obey five vartman without fail and should give up greed because the greedy person and the thief lose prestige and may commit suicide. The Goldsmith of Visnagar asked for my permission to steal because other Goldsmith were stealing. I did not permit him and told him instead of stealing it is better to earn livelihood by begging. Saying so Bapashri said, Maharaj sits in Akshardham which is cool quiet and we see it with our own eyes. If one associates with such saint and surrenders with Mind, Karma and words and keeps attachment with Murti, his passion, anger and greed will be done away with by me. This cannot be done by ordinary satsang. Once this type of talk I gave to a Bava. That Bava knew my greatness after hearing talk and told me that he had become holy by my darshan. Then Bapashri quoted an example of an old woman. She had a son. He became saint by the grace of Sadguru Mahanubhavanand Swami. The old woman became very angry and cursed Swami. Therefore, it happens like these if there is love for relative. Since you are known to be ours see that such thing does not happen. Never get separated from Maharaj’s Murti. Then pointing to saint Bapashri said, ‘Je Je Avatar‘, all these saints should be known as incarnations. Maharaj has hidden your powers. One saint made a Sankalpa (thought) and destruction started with his Sankalpa. Now-a-days a single saint arranges satsang. You are incarnation therefore you get such honour and service, that incarnation we can see. If we constantly associate with Brahm by deep thinking and realize Him, five element of body will become false- he becomes form of Akshardham. Then we should join Murti so that we become the form Murti jiva likes the activity of these world but he has no such liking for the goal.

On the next day, Bapashri etc. came to Saraspur. There he gave darshan, gave discourses, to devotees of many surrounding villages. He gave them divine joy by katha varta. He made them engrossed in Murti by making them enjoyer of divine Murti of Shrihariji. Not only that but also many devotees from distant places used to come to take that joy and used to request Bapashri to grace his visit to their villages, and with prayer they would say that they had been made happy and had been made fulfilled. They would request Bapashri to grace his visit to their village for the sake of children and old people who would not be able to come- they should also be made happy. Moreover the trees, creepers, mountain, rivers, lakes, animals, birds, which would come on the way, would have darshan and should be entitled for liberation. Thus, Bapashri visited Nalkantho, Bhal, Charotar, Kathiavad, Zalawad, Halar, Kadi District (Prant) of Gujarat by accepting the sincere prayers of devotees. He would stay there for an hour, for two hours, for four hours, or at some places for a day, for two days, for four days and would give his darshan, his touch, accept seva, and happiness of association etc. and made all devotees free from illusion (Maya), got them attached to divine Murti of Lord Swaminarayan and got them engrossed in Murti. More over to many he would promise that they would kept in Murti. Besides some jivas who were in group of Ghost (pretyoni) were liberated and were taken to Badrikashram and Akshardham. Thus, devotees’ problems were solved. In this way, Bapashri gave happiness to devotees of many villages and returned to Kutch. || 251 ||