On the day of Bhadarva 14th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Shriji and Muktas want Jivas get attached to Murti by making them unattached from all material objects. When Jiva becomes satsangi at first it has light as much as the firefly has. By and by light increases and it become luminescence and also become the form of Purushottam. Just as firewood becomes the form of fire by coming in contact with fire. Similarly Jiva becomes the form of Purushottam by coming in contact with Muktas who have become the form of Purushottam. Therefore one should associate with great Anadi Mukta but not to associate with modern Muktas. In their contact work remains half done. In satsang one should recognise the satsang-it is not recognised by those whose good deeds are less. The thought of Muktas appear in innumerable forms. Just as thousands of thought forms of Gopalanand Swami moved about for the benefit of Jivas, and in same way as Shri Sachchidanand Swami’s thought form came to Shriji Maharaj in Gadhada. When Shriji Maharaj goes to fetch Jiva, Muktas also go with Him. Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami was in Amdavad and he came here with Maharaj to fetch Anada Bhakta. When Swami came to Kutch he said, “When I came with Maharaj to fetch Anada Bhakta, your nephew Govind Bhakta was afraid by seeing bright light. You gave him consolation.” If Muktas are thousands of miles away and give promise to devotees that they are not separate, they are together, their cover will be removed. After the talk he said, “If we go to associate with Muktas and please them by our service, association, devotion, or they are pleased by any other way, the fruit of their blessings can not be seen physically by Jivas so their obligation will not be accepted. Just as when Sudamaji went to Lord Krushna his poverty was removed by accepting his service and made him very rich by giving him palace of gold and other things but Sudamaji did not know it. Therefore on the way to his home he had good thoughts as well bad for Shri Krushna, but when he saw his golden palace, he realized Lord’s greatness. Similarly the fruit of Muktas’ blessings will be seen when he goes to Akshardham. Then only Muktas greatness will be realized. || 116 ||