On the morning of Kartak Sud 8th, the Vachanamrt was being read in the assembly of Bharasar temple. Bapasri showing his favour, said to the devotees, “You rush here as hastily as a cow and its calves. Here, you are storing your food in the form of jnan, vairagya, bhakti and greatness of God. Remember that this phase of time is much favourable.

‘Parmarthane karne padharya puran kam.’ (Lord has descended on this earth for giving the ultimate gift- salvation). Today Lord Swaminarayana has manifested here and we have recognised Him. I have come here travelling across the hills; but when I see you, I get pacified.” The saints confessed, “It is we who have to do what you say. Please draw us in Murti showing your mercy.” Then Bapasri said, “We receive the joy from Murti. We have achieved such God who will certainly draw us to Him. We should remain engaged in the worship of God. We have obtained such great guru and such great manifest God. This is the highest benefit. Always preserve joy of such obtainment.”

On the next day, Bapasri showing his favour talked in the temple of Bharasar. He said, “Devotees! All these saints are Anadi muktas and they have achieved oneness with God. Know that these saints are so great that they can make you able to experience manifest God and have realisation of God by giving you their experiential knowledge. In the Satsang, some quarrel among themselves without applying any understanding. Some do not go beyond the stage of Aksar– they are sure to remain in Aksar only. We should get attached to such muktas as are here so that we can dwell in Murti and become anadi mukta.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji requested Bapasri to make all those present there Anadi muktas. Bapasri said, “If they approach me, I have no hesitation in doing so.” Then the devotees said, “We have surrenderd to you. So please make us experience the bliss of Maharaj.” Then Bapasri asked Gopal Bhakta of Samatra, “How far have you reached spiritually?” He replied that he had reached up to Aksar. Bapasri said, ‘Aksar par anandghan prabhu kiyo he bhupar tham’. (God who is the treasure of bliss and who is beyond Aksar has descended on the earth.) The assembly of Aksar is different than the assembly of Anadi muktas. We are Anadi muktas who are beyond Aksar and who remain in Murti. Once, a leader of a saints’ group had come here. I much tried to pursuede him about this understanding, but he did not agree. How can he liberate others and take to Maharaj? When Sriji Maharaj, who dwells in Aksardham which is in the fom of divine light and which is beyond Aksar which has a form, Himself manifests on this earth, if one recognises Him and surrenders to Him then He attaches one in Murti by endowing one with experiential knowledge and Realisation of Maharaj. Or, if one is graced with accompany of Anadi muktas like the one present before you, then only is one able to ascend to such highest stage of remaining in Murti. But, without the help of an anadi mukta, it is not possible to reach to such achievement only through one’s own spiritual efforts. Such limitless is the greatness of an anadi mukta. In one of his sermons Anadi Mukta Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami says, “Great gods, Aksar, etc., other muktas and all the incarnations pray to and wish darsan of the paramhamsas of Maharaj. Similarly, such greatness of Maharaj is also described in the Purusottam Nirupan written by Vidhatranand Swami and in the Gopalanand Swamini Vato (Sermons of Gopalanand Swami).

That night Gangji Patel told Bapasri, “You came here out of intense mercy on poor people like us, and made us very blissful and fulfilled.” Bapasri said, “I came here by a camel cart by a very rough road through mountain and experienced much hardship just for the sake of liberating jivas. Had it not been my motive I would have been comfortable in Vrspur temple sleeping on a cot. Who is my controller who can force me to come here? I am so great and have such a reach that excepting Sriji Maharaj none –Brahma, Vairaj, Prakrti-Purusa, Mahakal, Vasudevbrahma or Aksar- is my controller. I have come from Aksardham. This Murti and these saints are such that they can transform us into an anadi mukta. This time I have come to draw every jiva in Murti. Just as dew drops wet grass and when it is weeded the whole of grass is drawn. Similarly, these saints wet you. I gather means take you in Murti and make you happy. But, just a straw fallen on the earth remains there only, similarly, if one does not believe me, he is left out.”

When Asabhai came after performing puja, Bapasri said, “Asobapo has become free so something new may happen, i.e., you are likely to leave this place.” Bapasri further said, “Asabapa is a true servant of mine.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said to Bapasri, “It is because of your association that Asabapa has become a mukta..” Bapasri said, “As Samalbhai has associated his jiva with me he keeps much love for me.” Saying so Bapasri, along with the saints and devotees went to bathe and from there went to Narayanapur. || 7 ||