On the day of Fagan Sud 10th the katha came to end. Dhanba delayed the departure of all saint till 12th day of Fagan Sud and Laxmanbhakta and Kacharabhakta of Sukhpur (west) went back to their village. These devotees reached village Roha at night and said Jay Shri Swaminarayan to Divan Kuvarjibhai on behalf of Bapashri and all saints. The Divanji asked how long the saints and Bapashri were going to stay there? He said that katha came to end today and after breaking fast on the day 12th (barash) they will go from Rampur. On the same night Divanji asked for leave from the king and started late in night and reached Vekra in the morning. He sat where all were performing pooja. He asked questions to Bapashri. The talks went on till the time of arti in the evening. After arti he sat with Bapashri. Bpashee talked till twelve midnight and then went to bed. In the morning all bathed, performed pooja and all started after breaking fast. Kuvarjibhai went to Roha and saints of Bhuj went to Bhuj. Swami Vrundavandasji and Swami Ishwarcharandasji, etc. of Amdavad and saints of Muli and devotees from foreign went to Vrushpur with Bapashri. There it was decided to go to chhapaiya on the next day of fuldol festival. On the day of departure, Bapashri made Swami Ishwarcharandasji write a letter to Patdi informing them they would reach there on Fagan Vad 12th and would install Murti after reaching there. Then coming to Bhuj from Vrushpur all were informed that whosoever wants to come can come. Then they boarded the train from Bhuj and came to Muli vai Toona and Nagar. From there they went to Lilapur on Fagan Vad 10th and on the next day went to Shedla. On Fagan Vad 12th reached Patdi on the morning and installed Murti. Then Bapashri said that fear has gone from this temple and no one should fear now. Then saint and devotees sat for dinner. Sweet balls (ladu) were very near to exhaust in the first batch and there remain a few. The stock was to get exhausted, Kalidasbhai told Bapashri that in this village even the flour will not be available and ladus were almost finished and it is a question of credit. Then Bapashri said “Do not worry, ladus will become surplus, Lord Swaminarayan will not allow it to exhaust”. Then all dined and ladus remain surplus. On next day they came to Amdavad and from there went to Jetalpur. There Kankuba of Ashlali organised Parayan of 2nd chapter of satsangi jivan for seven days. On the last day after completion of katha footprint were installed at chhatri. Bapashri blessed, “Whosoever comes for darshan at chhatri we will take all to Akshardham and any bird flying over it will also be liberated. From Jetalpur they came to Amdavad. At Amdavad Narmadaba arranged Parayan of 3rd chapter of satsangi jivan. It came to end on the day of Ramnavmi. On the 13th day of Chaitra Sud they went to Ranoda and from there to Dholaka and to Ashalali, Gamdi, Barejadi and came to Saraspur. On the 7th day of Chaitra Suda group of nine hundred devotees had come to Amdavad from Bhuj. From there all were taken and started the journey for Chhapaiya. On the way, they got down at Jaipur and from there they went to Chhapaiya. On the 4th day of Chaitra Vad, Thakker Motibhai Jivanbhai of Uperdal had arranged Parayan of satsangijivan. The epidemic of cholera had broken out at that place. So devotee of Vyar village left his body. Bapashri gave him darshan and put him in Akshardham. Then all saints and devotees of different place prayed to Bapashri and requested to him, showing his grace to stop that disease till the installation of Ghanshyam Maharaj’s Murti. Then Bapashri said that now nobody would die. Then the disease had subsided.

Once Bapashri asked Khimjibhai at the time of evening arti to go with him to bathe. Then khimjibhai took with him a rope and pot (a kind of metal vassel) and started. He fetched the water from the well which is in the compound of the temple. Bapashri relieved himself and washed hands. Then pot was cleaned and Khimjibhai poured water on Bapashri and bathed him. In the meanwhile arti started. As soon as arti started Khimjibhai saw infinite luminous planes in the sky and there were luminous Murtis in them. Khimjibhai asked Bapashri what it was. Bapashri replied that arti of Ghanshyam Maharaj is being performed and all these Muktas have come for His darshan. Then khimjibhai asked, “Do they come regularly and have darshan?” Bapashri said, “They come regularly but today you had darshan by the wish of Maharaj and Muktas- do not forget this darshan.” Then they came to the temple after having bath. On the next day Bapashri, after bath, sat for pooja on east side of Narayan sarovar and in the corner of south-east side. Then they saw infinite Muktas along with infinite planes in the sky in the same luminous form. Then all the saints and devotees who had gone with him asked what it was. Then Bapashri said, “We are performing God’s pooja and Mukta have come for darshan of God.” Then they disappeared and all came to the temple. On the next day they bathed in Gaughat and on the 10th day of Chaitra Vad Ghanshyam Maharaj’s idol was installed and the programme was successfully completed. In the morning on the day of Chaitra Vad 11th all came to Ayodhya from Chhpaiya by train and from there they got down at Bhankoda via Agra, Jaipur, Kharchi, siddhapur and went to Devpare. From there they went to Muli via Manipur, Joshipura, Viramgam. Sadguru Shri Harinarayandasji Swami gave twelve maunds of curd and eight maunds of sugar to fifty devotees suffering from cholera and made them cool. Their vomiting and diarrhoea stopped and they recovered. Moreover he got water-melons in two carts from Sheth Bhurabhai Govinsha of Vantavadar and also got eight munds of pomegranate from Vadhvan-Camp and all were fed. Then Bapashri said, “Swami you spent a lot.” Then Swami replied, “We all eat and since you are with us, how can we see you unhappy. We are gor maharaj of your group and this group is yajman (host) if host is unhappy we are also unhappy therefore, this all belongs to you.” Swami did such service, similarly group of Bapashri, etc served Swami very much and said that what you have done in this temple, cannot be done by anyone elsewhere. We were all looked after by you. Kanjibhai separated from the group, from Mehsana for the work of chhatri in Amdavad. He suffered from cholera and left his body but nobody could look after him and nobody inquired of him. If he had not gone for the work of chhatri and would have been with us than he would have been kept along with fifty others and would have not been allowed him to die. From there they went to Morvi. Swami had given curd lasting up to Morvi. From Morvi Govindbhai, Kalubha, Laghubhai, etc. came up to Navlakhi and arranged the journey by ship and steamer. Then (Govindbhai, etc.) all returned from Navlakhi. Bapashri, etc., the whole group, and Swami Ishwarcharandasji, Muktavallabhdasji, Ashabhai, etc all went together. They landed at Kharirol and went to Bhuj by train. The group (sangh) donated money for meal in Bhuj temple. The group dispersed, all went to their respective villages. Swami Ishwarcharandasji, Muktavallabhdasji, and Ashabhai went towards Gujarat and Khimjibhai went to Dahishara. His father Muktaraj Keshrabhai asked him to tell everything about their journey to Chhapaiya and also all other places where they went for darshan. Khimjibhai told everything in detail. Keshrabhai would remind him if his son forgot anything in between. Khimjibhai was surprised and asked his father how he knew even though he was not with them. Then Keshrabhai said that in the year fifty-six (samvat-1956), Bapashri and he (Khimjibhai) had gone to Chhapaiya. He wanted to go with them but Bapashri did not allow him to go with them because his body would not be able to beare the strain of the journey. So he became sad. Then Bapashri consoled him by saying that he would be able to see everything sitting there only, the places which they would visit for darshan and lila. Since then the curtain against his eye had gone and he saw everything. Such is the power of Bapashri. || 165 ||