On the night of Chaitra Sud 3rd, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “The one who knows Shriji Maharaj and Muktas as clairvoyant, not a single action of his will be against satsang. If there is faith in observing commands and doing jap-tap, only then, he will become one with Maharaj, but unfortunately, he does not realize that they are supreme beings and there is some defect in his firmness/ decision, and in his understanding of their greatness. The above referred discussion is a kind of yagna in the form of spiritual knowledge, it cannot be substantiated -such a divine yagna. By the grace of great Muktas and Maharaj, the salvation will be achieved during this birth itself- which would have been achieved only after a number of births. If one disobeys Maharaj’s commands means alters vartman of being desireless (nishkam) and greedless, he is said to be very much averse (vimukh) so he cannot be trusted at all. Not to obey any rule of activity, i. e. vartman and to sit in the house of Maharaj, it is very difficult. Therefore Maharaj should be made favourable by obeying His words. “me vhalo vash kidha, vhale mujne vash kidhi; sama sami pan bidi didhi ne lidhi.” Then Bapashri said one will be imprisoned if one violates the commands. Similarly if one violates commands, misery will come to him. Jiva is unable to give up object of senses, which, it has enjoyed previously. It is like the nature of Vaghari woman- therefore difficult to give up. If one gets lot of wealth in this world, he may become mad- how much joy one should feel if he gets divine bliss of Shriji Maharaj! However, Jiva does not recognise bliss of Maharaj and also does not recognise whether saint and devotees are worth serving or not worth of service in satsang. One will become blissful if he recognises saints and devotees who are worth to be associated with and worth of service and in their association he should understand the difference between incarnations and incarnator and take firm shelter under Lord Swaminarayan who is incarnator and should get attached in His Murti.” || 88 ||