Once, Lalubhai of Karachi was injured by car coming from opposite direction. He was injured a lot and blood came out in much quantity so he became unconscious. He was shifted to a big hospital. When he regained consciousness he said that he should be taken to his house because he did not want to be in the hospital but his relatives prayingly persuaded him and kept him. At night Sriji Maharaj, Bapasri along with many saints were coming from the luminous sky-he saw thus. They stood near his cot so Lalubhai was very much pleased. Then they all disappeared and he came home on the following day from the hospital. There after he was bandaged by doctor but there was no relief. He wished to go to Bapasri so he became very sad. On that day at night at two o’clock all of a sudden he had darsan of three holy persons. They were very strong, tall and luminous. Lalubhai asked them who they were. They said they had come from Aksardham by Maharaj’s command and had come to fetch him. On hearing this Lalubhai was very much pleased. All the three muktas took Lalubhai in Aksardham and made him lie on a big table and removed his bandages and chanting mantra of Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana and moved their hands on the injured part and then again they put him back in his house. When the doctor came in the morning to tie bandage but seeing it removed, he asked what the matter was. Lalubhai told elaborately about everything. So the doctor and all knew about the divine power of Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri. Lalubhai became all right and went to Halvad and had darsan of Bapasri. Bapasri told him that since he was very eager for darsan so Maharaj and he remedied it. Hearing this Lalubhai was much pleased. || 92 ||