On the day of Jeth Vad 10th the 59th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, there was reference that saint is greater than Bhav-Brahma, etc. Bapashri asked saint, “Who are this Bhav-Brahma, etc?” Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Mahakal who is divine Sankarshan and the head of Mulpurush is called this Bhav. Brahma is Mulakshar whom we call divine Aniruddha and he has been refered in the 7th Vachanamrut of Loya and 2nd Vachanamrut of Panchala. Bapashri said, “You are greater than Mulakshar and you go to fetch several devotees. Do you believe it as true?” Then Swami said whatever you say must be true. He does not experience it. Bapashri said, “It is true, the workdone through you but we do not allow to let you know. Thus you are not doer (akarta). I do not let you know because I have retained your capacity for your good. When you go to fetch , you keep someone here also -you do thus and you do not know it but your capacity is beyond Akshar.

Shastri Dharmaswarupdasji asked, “What is the meaning of thoughts which arise?” Bapashri said, “They cannot be for you but they have been kept to make you fear. They are like dead snake and cannot be believed for yourself because they are meant so that you remain without honour. You see Murti in all three states and bear hardship with all and also bear honour, dishonour of insignificant Jiva- you are such saint. Though you are capable you bear everything which none can do. This is possible only for Maharaj, His Mukta and Ekantik saint. Insignificant Jivas called the knowledge as Gopaliyu knowledge and today also they say that Gopaliyu knowledge is given. To bear honour -dishonour of such Jiva is greatness. Such type of path has been shown by Maharaj and He has kept capable for doing the work of salvation of Jiva. Liberating Jiva is done by Him only by thought but if His thought is meant for harming someone, He cannot do it. When it was intended by someone to throw Shriji Maharaj in the tank of hot oil at Bhadra, Devanand Swami (sanyasi) made a thought of destroying the city, at that time Shriji Maharaj said that the curse of my followers will fail. Only thought of liberation becomes true. Understanding thus if one trusts Muktas and Maharaj like one’s self, (atmabuddhi) he will be liberated, and happy. We do not say anything to those who do not believe us. When a devotee’s son was on his death bed at Bhuj, he told me to keep his son. I told him that my work is to do salvation but nothing else. When that boy died and slowly he came out of grief. Thus Muktas do not give any illusive happiness except salvation. || 195 ||